Being an Internet Safety Expert

A Quick Guide to Making Smart Decisions Online!

My name is Lito Panda!

Hello! The internet is a BIG place that's full of wonderful things. Like anything though, it is always good to know how to be safe and make good decisions when surfing the web. Ready to learn how to be an Internet Safety Expert? Join me and I'll teach you!

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2.3 billion people use the internet EVERY DAY!

With so many people, smart kids like us have to be careful!

Remember these steps when you’re online:

NEVER give out your personal information!

Even though there are places for it on popular websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Google, never give out information on where you live, go to school, phone number, or any information like these. You don’t want strangers getting this information about you.

Talk to your parents!

If you ever feel uncomfortable about anything you find online, your parents should be the first to know. Always ask your parents permission before you meet someone or have someone visit you. Not everyone is always who they say they are, and that can be dangerous.

Use caution when sending pictures and video of yourself and your friends.

Just like safeguarding your personal information, protect yourself by not sending pictures to strangers.

Stay away from unsafe websites.

If you feel like you have ventured to a website that seems unsafe, leave it and tell your parents or teacher. Do not go to adult only websites. Don’t be afraid to let an adult know.

Cellphones, iPads, Mp3 players are also internet too!

All rules that apply towards using internet on the computer apply when using these other devices. Facebook and Twitter are everywhere, and the safety tips apply to them no matter where and what you’re using to use them.

Check out this video to see why it's important to be smart when surfing the internet.

Safe Web Surfing
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