The U.S Court System

By: Xavier Johnson

The night before

I was walking down and dark ally and i saw a lady getting robed. I called the police and they sent the U.S marshal came out and thought i did it and they talk me off to jail. I made bail and went home they said i had to go the District court in 3 days.


In the court house

In the court house i was so scared of what could happen. The feeling really sank in when the U.S Attorney walked in and the Magistrate Judge said "you may be seated". I was devastated when the judge said that i was guilty. My lawyer said he will take this case higher to the Court of Appeals.


Appealing HELP!!!!

When he went to the court of appeals he got them to retrial after hearing original jurisdiction it was suspected that the ruling was based off of opinion so i was Remand till the trial. the original judges diction was put in Appellate Jurisdiction.


I can breath now

We also found out that the other judge was using unadvertised Precedent and that affected the ruling and that judge will not be going to the supreme court any time soon to gain her life term benefit. In the end the lady got out of the hospital to confirm that i did not do the crime and i don't have to do the time they actually did not find the the guy that robed her.