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October 2016

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Important Dates from the Guidance Department

October 19, 2016: PSAT test for juniors and sophomores ..cost $15..periods 1 -4

October 28th (Friday): No school for students due to Professional Development training for staff at the HS/MS levels or preparation for conferences (elementary level)

November 2, 2016 (Wednesday): Early Dismissal at 1:15 PM due to Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 2, 2016: all sophomores to Penta for Explore Penta Day

November 3, 2016 (Thursday): Early Dismissal at 1:15 PM due to Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 4, 2016 (Friday): No School for students due to Parent/Teacher Conferences

November 8, 2016: Americanism test for any student in grades 10- 12..sign up in history/government class or with Mrs. Schuessler

OSA Sponsors Red Ribbon Week

Students are encouraged to celebrate being a drug free Eagle by participating in Red Ribbon Week. Many activities are planned for all students throughout the district including dress-up days, prizes, coloring, and an assembly for students in grades 7-12. The schedule for the week is October 21: "Red"Y to Live a Drug Free Life: wear red

October 24: Follow Your Dream! Don't Do Drugs: wear pajamas

October 25: Have the Power to be Drug Free: wear superhero gear

October 26: Be Too Bright for Drugs: wear neon colors

October 27: Team up Against Drugs: wear Ohio State or Michigan

Senior Portraits for Yearbook

Prestige Photography will be at the high school Wednesday, October 26 to photograph any senior student who has not had his/her picture taken. You must be photographed by Prestige to be included in the yearbook. By October 18th, you should receive a paper with a photograph time. If you have not had your picture taken and do not receive a paper, please see Mrs. Pioterek right away. If you receive a paper and have already gotten your picture taken, please let Mrs. Pioterek know right away.

Fall Play

By: Erika Hillman

This year’s fall play will consist of four different performances. Offerings by Alan Haehnel, is a forty minute play about acceptance among a variety of different stories and walks of life. Who Doth Inhabit the Primary Position by David Foubert, Jay Leibowitz, and Jason King Jones, Oh The Humanity by Will Eno, and First Communion by Mary Gallagher, are all three comedies, and only ten minutes long. The plays will be performed Friday November 4th at 7pm and Sunday November 6th at 2 and 6pm.

Girls Soccer

By: Eagle's Eye Staff

The Girls Varsity Soccer Team has had a terrific winning season with a record of 10-4-1 so far in the season. They will play one more league game this Saturday against their rival, Woodmore Wildcats. This game will also be their senior day with the game starting at 1 o’clock.

The Lady Eagles will start tournament play November 17th at home against Evergreen. With the team only having four seniors it proves that everyone on the team is dedicated to the game and is ready play. The team is a young one with a majority of the players being freshmen and sophomores.

“I really think we have a good group of girls. We all get along, and we come prepared and ready to learn every practice. We have such good coaches, and we definitely are always trying to absorb and use what they are telling us. As a senior I couldn't of asked for a better season,” says senior, Sydnee Shanks.

Wish the Varsity Girls Soccer team good luck as they enter their tournament play this season!

Student of the Month

Congratulations to Eastwood High School Senior, Hannah Sponaugle, for being selected as the October Student of the Month for Eastwood High School.

Hannah has consistently earned Honor Roll recognition with her 4.6 overall GAP. Her involvement in academic, athletic, and community activities allow her to regularly demonstrate her leadership abilities. Hannah participates on the Cross Country and Track teams as well as actively stays involved in National Honor Society, People Inc., Senior Executive Council, and the Tri-M Music Honor Society.

Her involvement in 4-H activities, Luckey Vacation Bible School, and the Run United running program provide further examples of her efforts to make a positive impact in all that she does. After graduation, Hannah has expressed an interest in pursuing a degree in Engineering at a 4-year university. Hannah Sponaugle is the daughter of Valerie and John Sponaugle.

Making Progress on the New Building

By Rachel Booth

With all of the excitement of the new building, we now have some information about its progress and how it’ll affect the next school year.

According to superintendent, Mr. Brent Welker, the building is to be expected to have its grand opening for the 2017-2018 school year. Due to this, the 2017-2018 school year will have a later start than normal. The first day of school next year will be August 31st.

The building of the new school is continuing about as expected. Mr. Welker is hoping that the good weather continues. The plan is to get all of the outside structure built before the snow falls to work on the interior through the winter. So far, they are on schedule to do so.

So far everything has been going well with the construction. There are local businesses such as Lake Erie Electric and Warner Mechanical working in the building.

Along with the late start, the new building will bring more changes along with taking the fifth graders back out of the middle school. Also, with the buildings being so close, art and physical education teachers will work in both schools.

The high school students won’t go through many changes. All that is needed is for the older kids to support the younger students in this sudden change.

Opportunities for community service will open up with this building along with the chances in the education field. The main thing is being role models and continuing the excellence tradition of our school. It is a chance for the high school students to fuel with younger students’ minds with excitement to move up through the schools. The only limit to the opportunities coming out of the new school is your mind. “I think this will help us become a real Eastwood family,” Mr. Welker said.

Just hold on a little longer, the new building will be here soon.

Coach's Trip To Rio

By Reid Zura

Eastwood’s very own, Coach DJ Michel, had a once in a lifetime experience over the summer. Fortunately enough for us, he was willing to describe his exhilarating trip to Rio with student athlete AJ Digby.

The very busy Coach Michel had the incredible opportunity to visit Rio over the summer for the 2016 Paralympics. However, he wasn’t just spectating, he was there to coach!

AJ Digby, student of Otsego class of 2016, was not fulfilled with his 2015 coaching, so he approached his high school to further his athletic capabilities. Mr. Michel's name was given, and then soon was contacted by AJ’s dad. They met for dinner to talk about their goals for the future: “At the dinner AJ and I clicked, and the rest is history” says Coach Michel.

DJ Michel says he was very fortunate and lucky when he was asked by AJ to coach him, because he loves to coach and this was a great opportunity to do so.

They began training quickly after the meeting at dinner last summer. In the past spring/ summer they really hit hard on ques.

Coach Michel describes Rio as definitely interesting. He says it was a Caribbean, New York, and Las Vegas setting all in one.

His favorite memory from the trip was the track meet and watching AJ strive. He completed at the highest level possible and accomplished their set goals- two PRs (personal records) and top 5 in the world. Certainly something to be proud of! He also enjoyed to share the entire experience with his wife, Ashley, in Rio.

DJ says he learned a lot from the trip. He now understands all the little parts of competing at the highest level of competition in the world. He also says he learned just how much more he loves to coach.

For the future, Coach Michel and AJ plan to continue training after AJ’s break. They will slowly pick things back up for world championship in London this summer to hopefully compete, and to train for the big goal- return to the Paralympics in Tokyo in 2020. Coach Michel and AJ hope to improve on their already amazing results from Rio.

A big congrats to AJ and Coach Michel on their extremely impressive results, and we wish them the best of luck in the future!

Key Club Continues to Strive at the High School

Reid Zura

The Key Club at Eastwood is certainly already busy as they are heading into to another year of successful services.

The Eagles Eye was able to talk with the president of the club. Junior, Cory Coffman, shined his light on key club and what they have in store this year so far and in the future.

He tells us that key club is a service program for high school students that is ran by high school students to encourage leadership through helping others. He also said that the reason he joined key club was because it was different, the way the students led everything and that it is a great way to get involved with the community.

He informed us on what Key Club has done in previous years. This includes: Angel Tree for kids in need, Kids Against Hunger, Otterbein Christmas decorating, and Walk for Life. Also what key club has planned for the future: continuing all these projects, plus doing work for the Humane Society and UNICEF. And finally, this year the key club is incorporating new things such as: new leadership conferences and opportunities, new social events within club such as a movie night, and the ever growing amount of service projects.

We love to see the club doing great and hope everyone that is a part of it good luck and to have fun this year!

6th Grade Camp with Juniors and Seniors

Reid Zura

As they do every year, the sixth graders at the middle school headed out to Camp Michindoh for 6th grade camp during the first week of October. Members of the junior and senior classes also ventured to camp with the group.

The sixth graders spent their week, believe it or not, in school. Michindoh is actually a camp that teaches outdoor education. Students experienced a range of classes from holding various species of animals to learning outdoor survival skills.

These cabin leaders left their busy lives at home to enjoy the experience of becoming a leader and role model to the sixth graders. This meant leaving, classes, clubs, and even jobs to go on the trip. Even though the leaders would fall behind in school, and would later have to pick back up, they aspired to go on the trip to give these middle schoolers the best experience they could at Camp Michindoh.

Being one of the brave cabin leaders, I was fortunate enough to experience it all. We were stressing about our everlasting homework back home, but we quickly learned the missed material and had study sessions to help everyone out. Eventually, the homework became the least of our worries, as our cabin members arrived. We now had a different task: make sure the campers were entertained and having fun.

We spent the rest of the week enjoying time outside with each other. The cabin leaders and their cabin members grew closer to each other and as a whole, we all knew each other as a family in the end. On the way home all the cabin leaders were exhausted, but we could not stop talking about how excited we are to do it all over again next year.

As a cabin leader, I was very anxious about the whole idea. Before we even departed Eastwood, I was feeling regret about leaving everything for a week. As we arrived and unpacked it became evident that we were going to have very limited time to ourselves. This stressed me out. I kept a positive attitude and looked forward to the week’s activities. However, everything changed when the kids in our cabin arrived. As the week grew on and all the kids and cabin leaders got closer, I realized that the teachers and staff at the camp are not crazy for picking their profession. Helping the kids have a fun experience and doing it with the other cabin leaders was one of the coolest things in the world. I am so glad I went and cannot wait to experience it next year!

A huge thank you to the 6th grade teachers for having the program and allowing the cabin leaders to go

A special thanks to the wonderful staff at Camp Michindoh.

A huge thanks and appreciation for the following cabin leaders that attended camp this year!


Alec Graber, Logan Frobose, Brenden Halko, Collin DeWese, Jake Sheldrick, Cody Collins, Jordan Egbert, Mason Frantz, Reid Zura, John Kurfess, Eli Garza


Nickole Dlugoleski, Natalie Nieschwitz, Jessica Rice, Cassandra Clay, Makalen Hiser,

Taylor Brooks, Emily Hoodlebrink, Mackinley Fix

#2 Question on the Street

What do you plan on being for Halloween?

"Solider" Bradley T.

"Scream" James

"Scarecrow" David

"Clown mophsuit" Cody

"Devil" Sofia

"M&M" Jamie

"Nerd" Hannah

"Steam Punk Traveler" Jimmy

"Sandy" Mallory

"Ninja Turtle" Zack

"Bunny" Logan

Girls Golf

Meghan Hosley

The lady Eagles started off their season at the Notre Dame Invitational. They ended with a score of 520. The top scorer for the Eagles was Leigh Snyder with a 90.

They were back in action at the Perrysburg Invitational. Snyder led the girls shooting a 97. They ended up with a score of 464.

Their next match was the Elmwood Invitational where they ended up with a score of 228. The top scorer was Snyder with a 48.

The Eagles then faced off against North Baltimore in a dual. Solana Lopez led with a score of 35 with Synder, Meghan Hosley and Samantha Royal following behind all with a 37. Their final score was a 146.

Their next match was also a dual against Clay. The Eagles ended with a score of 255. Lopez led the Eagles with a 57 with Snyder behind her with a 60.

The next day they played in another dual against Clay where they had a score of 203. Snyder led the Eagles shooting a 44 with Lopez behind her with a 49.

Their next match was their first NBC Shootout at Crosswinds where their ending score was 215. Lopez was the top scorer shooting a 50.

The Eagles played against Rossford and Genoa in their next match. Snyder led the girls with a score of 41. The Eagles’ ending score was 219.

The Eagles won against Port Clinton with a score of 212 while Port Clinton had a score of 215. The top scorer for the girls was Snyder shooting a 44.

Their next match was against Lake where they ended up with a score of 233. The top scorer for the Eagles was Snyder shooting a 49.

They played in their second NBC Shootout at Chippewa. Snyder led the Eagles shooting a 45.

Their next match was the third NBC Shootout at Stone Ridge. The top scorer was Snyder with a score of 51. The Eagles ended up with a total score of 237.

Their fourth and final NBC Shootout was at Birch Run where the Eagles ended up with a total score of 226. Snyder was the top scorer with a 48 while Hosley followed behind with a 57.

The next match was the NBC Championship where Snyder won the Golfer of the Year award.

Boys Golf

Meghan Hosley

The Eagles started off the season with the Fostoria Invitational with a score of 348. Top scorers for the Eagles were Tyler Fry and Robbie Bettinger both with an 85. The boys ended up in fifth place.

The next match was the Clyde Invitational at Green Hills golf course. The Eagles has a score of 373 and ended up in 11th place. Top scorers for this match were Noah Hahn with a 91 and Fry with a 92.

The boys’ played in the Maumee Invitational at Heatherdowns Country Club. They ended up in 15th place with a score of 378. The top scorers for the Eagles were Fry with a 91 and both Bettinger and Hahn with a 94.

Their next match was at the Anthony Wayne/Springfield Invitational. The Eagles placed tenth with a score of 397. Fry was the top scorer with a 96 with Bettinger following right behind with a 97.

The Eagles played Bowling Green next at Tanglewood golf course. Top scorers for the boys were Fry and Bettinger with a 43. Eastwood ended up with a score of 179.

The boys’ played in the Sylvania Invitational where they placed 12th with a score of 381. Top scorers for the Eagles were Fry with a 91 and Bettinger with a 93.

Eastwood played Sylvania Northview for their next match. Fry and Bettinger both shot a 43 to be the top scorers for the Eagles.

Their next match was the first NBC Shootout at Chippewa where they placed fifth with a score of 173. Top scorers for the Eagles were Riley Welker with a 40 and Fry with a 41.

The Eagles won their next match against Fremont Ross with a score of 182. Fry led the Eagles shooting a 41 and Bettinger shooting a 44.

The boys’ next match was the Bellevue Invitational at Sleepy Hollow golf course. The top scorers for the Eagles were Bettinger with an 89 and Fry with a 90.

The second NBC Shootout was at Sugar Creek where the Eagles ended up in sixth place. Bettinger lead the Eagles with a 44 and Fry followed close behind with a 45.

Their next match was the third NBC Shootout at Crosswinds where they placed sixth again. The top scorers for the Eagles were Hahn shooting a 41 and Welker shooting a 44.

The fourth NBC Shootout was two days later at Stone Ridge where they placed fifth. Hahn and Alec Graber lead the Eagles, Hahn had a 39 and Graber had a 42.

The boys’ played Springfield at their home golf course, Tanglewood, where they beat Springfield by a point. Eastwood had a score of 191 while Springfield had a score of 192. Fry lead the Eagles with a 45 and Bettinger followed behind by two points with a score of 47.

The Eagles played in the NBC Tournament at Green Hills and ended up in fifth place. Hahn led with a score of 83 and Fry followed behind with a score of 86.

They played Clay for their next match at Eagle’s Landing. Fry led the Eagles with a 39 and Welker followed with a score of 41.

The next day the boys’ played Rossford at Detwiler. The top scorer for the Eagles was Fry shooting a 40 and only four points behind was Hahn with a 44.

Their next match was the big sectional tournament at Detwiler where they ended up in seventh place. Bettinger led the Eagles with an 85 with Fry following behind by two points shooting an 87.