Sacred Heart School

Week of April 11th


On Tuesday, I gave the middle school students an inspiration talk. I titled it "I AM A LOSER." Because, let's face it, both of my teams have lost in final games for National Titles in the past 2 months. The Panthers lost the Superbowl and the UNC Tar Heels lost the National Championship with 4 seconds left to go in the game.

I used this as a metaphor for our middle schoolers, letting them know that it's still possible to make mistakes, even in the last 4 seconds of the school year. I told them that disrespect, laziness, or just plain thoughtlessness could land them in trouble - even if it's just minutes before Graduation. I encouraged them to thinking about the Fourth Quarter as the most important quarter. Just like in football, the fourth quarter can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Ms. K made this lovely meme of me to remind everyone of my message - keep going - don't give up! Especially not in the last 4 seconds.

I encourage the teachers to think of the fourth quarter in the same way. It's easy to get overtaken by Spring Fever, rowdy kids, and too many events/field trips/interruptions. But with our students, this fourth quarter is the most important. You've laid the groundwork all year, don't stop now. Use these next few weeks to master some of those priority standards - to ask them to do things that you didn't think possible at the beginning of the year! Fight for class time - every minute counts!

& this isn't just for homeroom teachers, all of us need to plowing ahead into the fourth quarter together. Our head coaches, as well as our assistant coaches, support team, and fans! Special Teachers - looks for ways that you can support teachers in mastering more standards! Reach out to teachers and ask how you can help. Plan lessons that support what they're doing in class, only use the lens of technology, music, and art to enhance our students' understanding. Go full force - don't slow down - and let's turn this school from a school full of LOSERS into a school full of WINNERS!


Scholastic Book Fair Preview Day

Monday, April 11th, 12pm


The Scholastic Book Fair has arrived! We will host the book fair from Monday - Friday. All classes are invited to come down on Monday to preview the fair (and may purchase items at that time). The fair will be opened Before school, after school, and during lunch (depending on when we have volunteers)

Here are the preview times:

12:00-12:15 – Sixth & Seventh Grade

12: 20-12:35 – Eighth Grade

12: 40-12:55 – Third Grade

1:00-1:15 – Fourth Grade

1:20-1:35 – Kindergarten

1: 40-1:55 – First Grade

2:00-2:15 – Second Grade

2:20-2:35 – PK3 and PK4

2:40-2:55 - Fifth Grade

No Lunch in Cafeteria this week

SAT Team Meeting

Monday, April 11th, 3:30pm

Middle School Team Room

SAT Team will meet in the middle school team room!

FKA 3-5

Monday, April 11th, 8am

Computer Lab

3rd-5th grade teachers will assess students on the FKA test using the computer lab. Lab will be out of commission all morning.

CUA 8th Grade Girls and Boys Day

Monday, April 11th, 8am

620 Michigan Avenue Northeast

Washington, DC

The 8th grade girls and boys will go on a field trip to CUA for the annual ADW Girls & Boys day!

7th and 8th grade Human Sexuality classes - boys

Tuesday, April 12th, 10am

Computer Lab

The 7th and 8th grade boys will have Human Sexuality class in the computer lab from 10-12. Ms. Kibler will pull the boys from their class and escort them down!

FKA Assessment - 6-8

Tuesday, April 12th, 11:30am

Math Room

Br. Brian will assess the 6-8th graders on the FKA test using Chromebooks.

Half Day + Parent Teacher Conferences

Wednesday, April 13th, 9pm


Wednesday will be a half day, followed by Parent Teacher conferences in the afternoon. Please let Ms. Heil and Mr. Fuentes know which times you would like us to be present to support in meetings!

HSA + Committeee Meetings

Thursday, April 14th, 5pm


We will have our committee meetings (Gardening, Cultural Competency, and Catholic Identity meet). Let us know if you are interested in joining a committee! HSA meeting will follow at 6.

Spring Picture Day (+ Graduation Photos too)

Friday, April 15th, 8am


Barksdale will be here on Friday, April 15th for Spring Photos. We will only call down the students who have purchased photos. Students may wear their favorite Spring outfits. K + 8th grade will all be photographed for their graduation photos.

Bake Sale sponsored by 3rd Grade

Friday, April 15th, 3pm


The 3rd grade will host a bake sale during dismissal on Friday!

Spring Beautification Day

Saturday, April 16th, 9am

Sacred Heart School

Join us for Spring Beautification Day on April 16th. We will be planting, building, weeding, cleaning, and decorating our school for Spring! There will be a cook out at noon!

Girls on the Run 5K

Ms. Barnett, Ms. Mattoon, and Ms. Sanoir have been hosting Girls on the Run with our 3rd/4th grade girls every Wednesday and Thursday! They've been promoting fitness, talking about self esteem, and working on body image with our young girls! The GOTR Season ends with a 5K. We need enough chaperones so that each girl in the club can have a one-on-one runner buddy. If you're available and want to run a 5K on Sunday, May 15th from 10:00-11:30 with one our girls, let us know! The price for registration goes up on Friday!


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This Saturday, we met with former teacher Ms .Bossio to put together some new proposals for PZ courses. Putting together proposals for professional conferences is a great way to take your practice to the next level. We're fortunate that we've had many SHS presenters in the past and want to continue the trend!

Next year, PZ will be hosting a Perspectives Conference in DC during the Weekend of October 9th. The conference is quite costly, but if you put together a presentation proposal, you can go for free! Start thinking about what you might want to present. Develop an inquiry question! Use your kiddos as research! Bounce ideas off Ms. K!

Also, our Accreditation team gave the feedback that we are leaders, not only in PZ, but in Catholic Education as a whole. They'd love to see us put together some presentations for NCEA! Could be another thing to start thinking about...

Teacher Talent Show

Justin Bieber - What do you mean - EASY warming-up dance fitness choreography
Last year's Teacher Talent show was a big hit! We're hoping to put together another routine. What are your thoughts on Justin Beiber's Sorry? We can make the choreograph easy to follow and then repeat it a few times ;) Check this video out and let me know what you think!