Healthcare workers

Hannah Beggs & Ashley Roberts

Dear Daughter,

We all miss you dearly from back home but unfortunately some of the family don’t think it’s best for you to come back home. We have been looking at statistics since you’re supposed to be coming back in a month and it has been reported that around 240 doctors have developed the disease from being in your location and about 120 have died. Liberia, Guinea, Nigeria, and Sierra Leone all have the disease Ebola around in the air and you have been to at least 2 of those countries. We realize that the patients are separated from the doctors in different sections but there is always a chance you could get it. We don’t know what’s really going on in those countries so someone could have left the solitary confinement area and been around and touched things you would touch on a daily bases. We know that even if you aren’t necessarily feeling the symptoms that doesn’t mean you don’t have the disease in your system. You have to think of your little sister and your dad, neither of them have the capability to fight off that infection. You can’t bring that to this house.

I realize that you’re working hard to saves the lives of those with Ebola but we don’t think it’s worth it to get that deadly disease. We are so proud of you for waking up early in the morning and doing everything to prevent getting Ebola. Helping those people is great, someone has to do it. Someone has to be there to help cure the patients, and help quarantine them, and give them their medicine to make sure no one else gets it. So thank you for being there for others, but we think its best you don’t come home just to keep things safe.

Love, mom and dad

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