6th Grade Technology Semester

by: Valerie Rehn

Typing Web

Every class we start out by typing for 5 minutes. I was surprised how just by typing for 5 minutes really helps improve your typing skills. When you finish a lesson you receive a trophy, in my opinion the trophy sometimes motivates you to do better. The Typing Web makes learning how to type easy, fun, and enjoyable.

Career Locker

  • Career Locker helped me learn how I learn and what jobs fit me the best.
  • Mrs. Vandenboogaard, the student councilor, came in to help us by showing our average income for high school diploma, 2-year collage,4-year collage, ect.
  • I thought Career Locker was fun because it showed me who I was as a student.

Haiku Deck

  • This activity went hand-to-hand with Career Locker because we made a presentation on our dream job.
  • I loved this project because presentation is one of the best things about school ( in my opinion).
  • Haiku Deck made it so fun because you could choose your own template pictures, and theme.


In coding we used simply block commands ( move forward, turn right, dig, destroy ) to move a character or tell it to do something. Some of the coding games were angry bird, farmer, painter, and much more. If we finished the required coding we could move onto flappy bird, Minecraft, or Star Wars.

Creating an iTrailer

  • For this assignment we made an iTrailer in an app called iMovie. Our topic was: anything, which I think is nice because you get to be creative.
  • One thing I learned from making the trailer was that cats are not good actors.
  • I thought that making the iTrailer was the most fun because you get to come up with your own idea and feel like a real movie director (especially if you include family members and friends)

Explain Everything

  • For this activity you use an app that allows you to record your voice, have pictures and write.
  • Our assignment was to choose a math problem/ scenario and explain it by recording your voice
  • I learned how to record on Explain Everything (the app) while writing to make a video.