Compromises and acts

many compromises and acts were made in the 19th century

The missouri compromise

The missouri compromise made by a state that was slave state but it was becoming a free state and there was a line that separated the slave countries and free countries.

The compromise of 1850

The compromise of 1850 would allowed in Wasington D.C. because california such as Utah and New Mexico will be free states.

Uncle tom's cabin

Uncle tom's cabin's missouri compromise was challenged because many people had different opinions making slaves and people mostly blacks have differnt emotions.

Kansas-Nebraska act

Many terrorist would come and vote, this state have two governments who were in fight because of slavery one said yes and one said no.

The dred scott vs sandford court decision

The civil war started and many people died and slaves who were trying too run away were being terrorised by terrorists who wanted to use them and make money.

Evaluate slide

“There were many events that caused a divide between the North and the South prior to the United States Civil War. For instance, there was slavery and the missouri compromise. However, in my opinion, the event that caused the greatest divide between the two sides was the missouri compromise. I believe this to be true for three reasons. The first being slaves because the north said it was wrong and it should be stop because slaves are people and not an item. Another thing was slaves were treated as a machine/property which was fine for south but wrong for north they had blacks free but they were not accepted in farm to own slaves they were still black. The last one was debates about if slavery should be stoped or should be still be used so the north and south started to gain tension and then they snapped like a rubber band.

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