Ancient Egypt

by brianna nichols


In ancient Egypt the head of the government was called Pharaoh .They owned everything ,food, clothes, and jewelry .Pharaoh where very important witch means they needed security they had to have a army or a police protect them and to help them rule the country they also needed governs to help rule the country. Vizier where very important to they would write reports to the pharaoh every day so they would now what's going on all over Egypt .They revived reports from the top officials,

Social pryimad

On the top of the social pyramid is the pharaoh they rule Egypt. Next is the governs and officials thy help the pharaoh .Third are the scribes the keep track and write the laws. Fourth are the artist they make crafts the sell them . Fifth is the farmers they grow crops and then sell them. Last is the slaves they work to pay off their debts

Learning about anicent Egypy

learning about ancient Egypt has been fun because I love Egypt and I think its a interesting topic to learn about that's why I like learning about it.