Boundary Waters

By Pete Lemmers

Ely Minnesota

Ely Minnesota is Americas gateway to peace and tranquility. Discover lakes and forest untouched by mankind and miles of open water to fish. Ely is located at the northern point of Minnesota. Ely is full of small shops, outfitter shops, and diners.
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Places to stay in Ely

Their are quite a few places to stay in Ely. For example the resorts, motels, and bunk houses.
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The Boundary Waters Canoe Area

The BWCA is around 1,000,000 square miles of forest and lakes for you to explore. The Boundary waters is between Minnesota and Canada and established in 1964. You can camp, fish, canoe and explore in the boundary waters.


Camping in the northern wilderness is one of the coolest things you'll do in your life. Nothing beats pitching a tent and bonding with one another. Your campsite is the only one in its area so its all to your self. Its a must to get out of your tent at night and look at the beautiful northern stars. And whats camping without a fire to end the night.


Fishing is the BWCA is any fisherman dream. Fishing on water as calm as can be one of the greatest things in the world. It releases stress and ever so quiet. Its the perfect thing to calm down and a great activity do to. Plus their is a plethora of fish to fish for and all different sizes.


Portaging is the act of carrying your gear from one lake or body of water to another on a path. This is the worst part of the trip because the path can be as long as 2 miles. And carrying a heavy pack and canoe over loose footing gets tiring.
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The food in the wilderness is a delicacy because everything taste better when you're hungry. We have steak, pancakes, eggs, fish, soup, mac and cheese, and lots more of food to eat. When we go we actually gain weight. We bring a propane skillet to cook our food on.


The Boundary Waters is home to numerous animals. Some animals are black bear, moose, wolves, chipmunks, beavers, otters and a wide verity of birds. The black bears are the biggest thing you have to worry about because they can smell your food and will come and eat it if you don't have it stored properly. To prevent this you use a system of pulleys and ropes to hang the food packs between the trees.