Butler Tech Career Initiatives

May 2016 Newsletter

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Officially Opening Fall 2016!

The Butler Tech Career Lab is for 8th grade students. This lab will expose more students and teachers to the options at Butler Tech by connecting programs to career, college, and work readiness. The lab will Include a physical tour of D. Russel Lee and virtual tours of Natural Science Center, School of the Arts, and Bioscience Center. The lab itself includes 20 stations with program information and hand's on activities.

Students will take a career path finder assessment before coming to the Career Lab and they will choose two stations to experience.

Our hope is that this will help meet the requirements for partnering schools career advising plan, increase career path exploration, teach about post-secondary options, and honor House Bill 487.

Information on how to sign up will be sent to your school's administration or counseling office at the beginning of the school year.

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Important Career Clarity Plan Reminder!

All requests for purchases need to be made by May 27th to our office.

Have you heard of Animoto?

Animoto is something we learned about at a recent Ohio Association for Career and Technical Training conference. The person presenting used it to create "welcome" video messages for the kids who got into the various Career Technical Education programs. This is a great free tool for educators and could be used for a final career project. There is also an advanced version, but that costs money.

Ever Considered a Job Shadowing Day?

The link below is a sample from a high school in California who used the documents to organize a job shadowing day. Job shadowing is a great way for students in grades 8-12 (and beyond) to gain career exposure in a field that interests them.

Make a plan for this next year. Students can be responsible for getting a place to accept them for the morning, afternoon, or all day. If they are unable to attend, you can have an alternate career activity (like virtual job shadowing) at school during the shadowing day.


Summer is so near!

After giving of your time and energy the last 10 months, read this article to inspire your own personal improvement!

Summer Reading

The below link from the NCDA, which has many suggestions of books that can be read to gather a better understanding on how to integrate careers into your lesson plans.

Have a great summer and we look forward to helping you focus on careers in the 2016-2017 school year!

Please remember that we are here as a resource for you, so if you have any questions or need help with anything, we are happy to meet with you, train you on Ohio Means Jobs, and come to your classroom to offer further assistance!

My email is beckerj@butlertech.org