Celebrations Around The World

Come share about your family's special cultural background!

We can't wait to hear you speak!

As part of the 3rd grade state standards, students learn about different cultures and holiday celebrations. We would love to have you come share out about your special religious, cultural, and holiday traditions. Presentations will be short, nothing to stress about! The kids will just be excited you are here! Any visuals you can bring will be awesome for the kids to see!

3rd Graders Celebrate~

Monday, Dec. 7th, 9:30am to Friday, Dec. 11th, 1:30pm

1025 Holy Grail Drive

Lewisville, TX

Monday, December 7th-Friday, December 11th, there will be one morning and one afternoon slot available. Morning slot is from 9:25-9:40 and the afternoon slot is from 1:15-1:30.

*Please reply to jonesml@lisd.net if you are interested!*

***All students who are in the morning language arts block will get to see the morning speakers altogether***

***Students in the afternoon language arts block will get to see the afternoon speakers altogether***

What to discuss/bring in!

(In easy to understand/kid language!)

-Your family's cultural background/religious background

-Holidays you celebrate

-Something unique about your celebration

-Visuals for kids to see!

Optional: Some speakers in the past have made a short powerpoint. Please don't stress about this! Just 15 minutes with the kiddos. Plan for 5 of those minutes for questions!