Digital Citizenship

By: Prit P.


This poster is about internet safty and it is very important

Share Jumper

  1. Ask friends before posting their picture or video.
  2. Don't click on random popups.
  3. Post stuff appropriately.
  4. Don't friend random people.
  5. Don't tell someone your password.
  6. Don't post personal information.


  1. Help someone who is being cyber bullied.
  2. don't send stuff off of somebodies account.
  3. Don't bully online.
  4. don't say inappropriate stuff

Search Shark

  1. Don't write the whole question.
  2. Use only 1 or 2 key words.
  3. You don't need words like, of, at and words you do not need.


  1. Give credit to the maker.
  2. Have citations of were you got the info.
  3. Don't steal credit.


  1. Doing two things at once is hard.
  2. Do not text and walk.
  3. Do not text and drive.