Colorful Colorado

Gunnison Colorado

the picture above is one of the most beautiful places I've seen and I lived in from 5-8 and my sister lived there from 6-9 we lived with our grandma Marcia.

Were we are on the map

Colorado is the 38th state,and is the 8th biggest state in the whole United states.

The capital of Colorado

Denver is there state capital and is a beautiful place.

The state flag

It has a red c in the middle with a jumbo yellow dot in the middle of the c and two blue stripes one on the top and one on the bottom and one right through the middle of it.

The state flower

The state flower is a rocky mountain columbine and is a beautiful flower.

The state song

The state song is Rocky Mountain High I've hared it it's a great song!
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the state bird

The lark bunting a very beautiful bird.
Lark Bunting Singing

The state animal

The state animal is a rocky MT bighorn sheep and is known for his big horns that is probably the reason why it's called a rocky MT bighorn sheep.

Rocky mountain national mesaverde national park

Is a beautiful place.

Denver botonaci garden

Is in the biggest city in Colorado

The vial ski resort

Is covered in a blanket of snow.


Colorado was joined in union as the 38th state in 1876, is America's eighth largest state in terms of land mass. Located in the rocky mountain region of the western United States, the state's abundant and varied natural resources attract the anent pueblo peoples and,later,the plains Indians.

The abbreviation

I had a hard time finding the abbreviation and the abbreviation is CO.

The garden of the gods

It is the most beautiful sight I've seen in my whole life ( of course) in a picture.

The garden of the gods

Garden of the Gods - In A Colorado Minute (Week 250)

Denver museum of nature and science.

It is a place of knowledge and outstanding facts.
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The picture above is a very good picture of Denver and has a very good artiest who painted it.
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The Colorado river

The picture above is a river in Colorado that you can swim and play in they're even able to do a canon ball into the river and I'm not sure about you but that sounds like fun!

Colorado springs

Is a beautiful place to see so if you'd like you can go on vacation in Colorado.

The fort collins

is a wonderful thing to see even if in a picture.

The lake woods

It is so cool it has an Island in the middle of the lake!

The Olympic game

Colorado had a skiing Olympic game and turned down a snow Olympic because someone almost got hurt.

The state gemstone

The state gemstone is a Aquamarine and was found in (1971) which is 7 years before my mom was born.

The state rock and or stone

The state rock and, or stone is a yule marble and it was made in ( 2004 ) which is the year Helena my sister was born.

Colorado state rock mineral

The state rock mineral is the Rhodochrosite and it was made in ( 2002 ) and that is the year my step-brother Sebastian was born.