Mitosis Talk Stick Talk

By: Shelby Gunn and Tynese Smith


  • 90% of the cell cycle
  • divided into 3 different stages
  1. G " growing phase 1 " - cell growth
  2. S " synthesis " - DNA copies itself
  3. G2 " growth phase 2 " - prepare for mitosis


  • Mitosis begins
  • nucleus and nuclear membrane begins to dissapear
  • centrioles begin to move to the opposite ends of the cell
  • spindle is formed
  • chromatin condenses to form chromosomes


  • Chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell
  • the chromosomes are located at the equator of the cell


  • centromeres divide and the chromosomes move towards their respective poles
  • sister chromosomes are moving apart


  • new nuclear membrane is formed around the chromosomes
  • cytoplasm of the cell is being divided
  • cytokinesis begins
  • animal cells begin to pinch in
  • cell division where 2 indential daughter cells are formed


  • Cytoplasm separates into two
  • finally have 2 new cells
  • division of the cytoplasm
  • cell begins to split the cytoplasm
  • daughter cells first become visible in mitosis