The Misfits

By: Cassidy Carson

No-Name Party

Bobbie and the rest of the gang are starting the third party but no one knows about it. In the middle of classes Bobbie and the rest ask to go to the bathroom or something similar, but they aren't really going to the bathroom. When they get out of class they hang their posters for their party, of course with out any one seeing them. They hang up their posters all over the school trying not to get caught by teachers or other students. Once they hung their posters around the school everyone was talking about this "no-name party". No one had any idea that they were the ones behind this.

Why is this important?

It's important because it was the start of the No-Name Party for Bobbie, Addie, Joe, and Skeezie.

Summary of the HOLE story

Bobbie, Addie, Joe, and Skeezie were the misfits at their school. By misfits I mean different from everyone else. They always got made fun of and they are getting tired of it. Their school starts a election for student president and they think they should be in on it. There is only supposed to be two parties but they want to be the third. Their first party didn't go so well. They got in trouble for not listening to the principal and their teacher. That party failed and they were thinking of an other idea for their next party. After they found their idea they named their party the "No-Name Party". They kept their party a secret from everyone , until they hung their posters around the school with out any one knowing it was them. After a while everyone was talking about the No-Name Party. They got help from one of the most popular kids in their grade for their first party and they thought maybe he could help them with their second. They found out that Addie had a crush on someone and Skeezie told his secret. Bobbie wasn't a very out going person by himself. He never talked out and didn't really want to , until they elected him to be student president. For the first time he talked back and argued with his teacher. It was time for everyone to pick the new student president and every thing went wrong for these four friends.