Tangerine County Times

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Boy jumps on staff, but why?

At the high school ceremony to boys believed Tino Cruz and Victor from Tangerine Middle attacked Erik Fisher. He was beaten up and the boys got away but there is a reason why no one caught them. Paul Fisher jumped on the coach holding them causing Coach Walski to let go and them to escape. What really confuses us is that Paul is Erik's brother and he protected his attackers. We are wondering what his punishment will be and will it be what he deserves?

Boy kicked out of Tangerine public schools.

Well the punishment for Paul Fishers #4 teacher assault is he is expelled from all Tangerine public schools. His parents had 3 options on what they would do and they chose to send him to a private school. We have never had to give a punishment this big before to someone like him. We hope his family can make it through these hard times. Paul still says he will play soccer for Tangerine again soon.

All Crimes Solved And Questions Answered.

What we all have been waiting for has finally happened. All problems are solved. We found out the robberies were crimes caused by Erik Fisher and Arthur Bauer. The death of Luis Cruz had in fact been murder. Arthur Bauer hit him with a blackjack by the order of Erik Fisher. Some jewelry was given to friends of Erik and Arthur and some to the girlfriends. Most has been returned and any jewelry that isn't will be paid for with cash. We mourn the losses of students and family we have had this year but we still can enjoy that we can all feel happy that we can all feel safe in our homes today and hopefully forever more.