The Giver: Theme

My theme is how Jonas reacts to sameess thought the story.

Chapters 1-5

In chapter 1-5 Jonas isn't aware of the sameness yet, but it's clearly there. For example in chapter 5 when Jonas has his first stirring, he takes a pill to get rid of it. Why, it showing difference. It what makes up a life.

Chapters 6-10

In chapter 10 the giver talks to Jonas about snow and hills, but Jonas has know idea what he's talking about till he relies that Jonas doesn't under stand what he is talking about. So the giver remembers sameness and start over.

Chapters 11-15

In chapter 11 Jonas starts to lean that sameness is there. He leans this by the Giver and the memories. In this one he leans about sunshine, snow and hills. He wishes that they were still there, but he leans why they were taken away. He also learns that the community had to give up something's for sameness.

Chapters 16- 23

Jonas leans that things must change and comes up with a plain the Giver to change things for the better. As Jonas went though the plain he found out that the father you got away from the community sameness stop happening.