Computer Hardware


Hard Drive and SSD

A drive is a device which stores information when it is not use, you can retrieve this information. A hard drive is part of a computer; it has moving parts including a metal disc. This is normally very bulky. A SSD (solid state drive) is also part of a computer. It is much slimmer and more expensive.

This is the new and improved hard drive.


A moniter is the part of the computer which the displays information. It is a screen where you see what you are doing on the computer.


A CPU (central processing unit) is the brain of the computer as it contains the micropressor. It is called this because the performance of the hardware and software rely on it. It is also known as the ‘Processor’. The two biggest CPU manufacturers are Intel and AMD.
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This is the primary circuit board. This circuit board is the centre of the computer as every internal component of the computer connects to it. If the motherboard breaks every other component will shut down as well as it is connected to it. All other components are removable if they break. This means it can be replaced without affecting the computer unlike the motherboard. this is the most important part of the computer.
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The RAM (random access memory) is the part of the computer where it saves the information when the compter is not using it. It saves the work made by the person using the computer. E.G: Word, powerpoint and outlook. It is the memory of the computer.
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