An E-newsletter to help, share and be creative in teaching

Welcome to the first edition

This Newsletter is here to help develop our teaching, sharing great teaching ideas and to support staff who want to try new, innovative techniques.

Teaching idea - scrabble

Try this and perhaps develop on this in your own subject area. We've used it in humanities now and it takes little time to set up and has had a massive impact with the students.

Students are asked to think of a word to do with the lesson, objectives or topic. A competitive element is added by giving prizes, positive behaviour points for the highest word score or best word in teacher's opinion.

We got the sheet laminated and we have produced PowerPoint slides for different subjects.

Links well with literacy. Adds a little numeracy too.

Jelly beans

This is a superb, short video to make us all think about making the most of every day. Well worth a watch over a coffee.

The Time You Have (In JellyBeans)

Caine's arcade

A wonderful video I first saw at the end of a Russell Howard's Good News. This shows how creative children can be. Just a lovely story really and well worth the 10 minutes it lasts.

Caine's Arcade

Tommy Carroll - the blind skateboarder

What an inspiration, maybe to show to our students? Could you use this in a lesson?

Blind skateboarder. Be brave, be safe.