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What is a Makerspace?

A Makerspace is a place where learners can create new objects using tools and resources available in the space. Maker activities include working with a wide variety of materials including digital, print, electronics, wood, textiles, and more. It's all about independent learning! However, collaboration and mentors are a critical part of a successful Makerspace.

Makerspace Now in the S9GS Library!


Students use Sphero to learn coding and reinforce math skills. They can also make mazes and chariots to enhance the hands-on experience with Sphero.
SPRK Education Program - programming, robotics, and math for kids

Makey Makey

The MaKey Makey offers a way of exploring circuitry by creating a controller.
MaKey MaKey - An Invention Kit for Everyone


Students have the opportunity to learn how to knit via some great how-to books and video tutorials on youtube. Working with each other also helps. Collaborate!


Combines art and mathematics. When they learn it using the nonfiction books, you can add informational text and following directions to the skills bag. (Whitt, Walnut Grove School)

Rubik's Cube

More and more schools across the country are taking the tactile geometrical game into their classroom and makerspaces to implement geometry, algebra, general math lessons, and more. Seven Towns, who owns the cube, created a website, called You Can do the Rubik's Cube. The site offers teachers free lesson plans aligned to Common Core standards and other educational standards. - See more at:

Teachers are attracted to the puzzle-solving lesson because it helps with geometry, algebra, direction-following, memorization and perseverance. But most importantly, teachers say it gives students a sense of accomplishment; they often give certificates as a reward to students who solve the cube.

Ask Mrs. Madison how to incorporate Makerspace activities into your lesson plan!


Granata, Kassondra. "Rubik's Cube Webiste Offers Free Classroom Lessons."

Holly Whitt, Library-Media Specialist at Walnut Grove School

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