Mir Space Station

Contributed to world peace

  • Hosting Worldwide scientists and astronauts from America
  • Symbolized the common wealth of the Russian people
  • Supported community of people during the orbit


  • Is the most heaviest object orbiting our planet
  • The Mir Space Station has about the same mass as, many asteroids combined

Future and Construction

  • When the Mir Space Station hits the athmosphere, chief scientist and program manager Nicholas Johnson expects that the Mir should break in 6 or more pieces
  • Started the process of building of the Mir Space Station that took 10 years from 1976 to 1986
  • Since the Mir Space Station is 135 tons, Nicholas Johnson expects that 20 tons will reach the surface of Earthwhen it is broken down by the athmosphere, and mainly in very small pieces

Mir Space Station as an Asteroid Facts!

  • If the Mir Space Station was an asteroid and came tumbling down to Earth, it wouldn't even reach the surface because the athmosphere has the power to destroy any space object and any Earth Objects
  • If the Mir Space Station was like an asteroid, and could reach Earth, it would create a crater as large as a football field!
  • The Mir Space Station as an asteroid would be one of the smallest asteroids because it is very small

Historic Records

  • In 1994 United States had a trade with Russia for an historic 400 million dollars for 6 American astronauts to go on Mir for a long lasting 6 months!
  • The Mir has set records such as endurance and space adventure records that are very difficult to accomplish

Mishaps for the Mir

  • It functioned till 1997, that's the year when so many mishaps had taken place
  • In June, the station suffered the most dangerous situation to be in.
  • In the middle of a test of the new docking system, an unmanned rocket smashed in with the Mir Space Station damaging the solar panels and also piercing the hull

Gaining Data For Mir Space Station

  • Almost 100 cosmonauts and astronauts spent their time in the Mir Space Station during its time in space
  • Many experiments happened to provide the data that scientists can better understand on the effects on space environment on humans and materials for Mir
  • Throughout everything that happened to gain information about the Mir Space Station, the ISS will continue on to benefit from the lessons learned with Mir
  • (ISS is the International Space Station)


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