Technology At Lineville

Hayden Schaller


1.We learn how to make a movie trailer.

2.It's a fun and easy to present.

3.The app makes nice trailers for classmates.

Typing Web

1.Typing Web helps us learn to type fast and efficient.

2.Its a easy way to learn how to type.

3.Sometimes its fun to do also because its really easy to do.

Career Locker

1.Career Locker helped me learn what I should do when I'm older.

2.Its is going to help me when I need a job.

3. I can find a job and see what its about.

Haiku Deck

1.Its really easy to use and present.

2.The are many styles to present in.

3.They don't take a long time to make.

Explain Everything

1.It easy to do step by step problems.

2.You can talk and draw at the same time.

3.The app is very easy to figure out.

Hour of Code

1.Founders are Microsoft and Google ect.

2.You learn how to program.

3.In Hour of Code you play games and code in them too.

E-Mail Etiquette

1.You learn how to have good etiquette in E-Mails.

2.It teaches you how to indent and stuff like that.

3.I know how to send appropriate E-Mails to my teachers.