5th Grade News

Mrs. Burmeister, Mrs. Millonzi, and Mr. Springer

Friday, December 11


The 5th graders have been SO busy reading and writing fantasy stories as they explore the question, Is imagination more valuable than knowledge?

We have begun this unit digging deep into the elements of the fantasy genre. We are discovering the importance of characters and the concept of good versus evil. We also are analyzing visual elements and what is real versus imagined. We continue to discuss difficult vocabulary so we all become better readers and writers. Dialogue is also analyzed and utilized throughout this unit, helping to bring our characters to life. Our imaginations are soaring in this unit!!

Fifth Grade Math Workshop

Next week, the fifth grade students will start Unit 5: Best Buys, Ratios, and Rates - Addition and Subtraction of Fractions. The focus of this Fosnot unit is addition and subtraction of fractions and the development of students' understanding of equivalence of fractions, proportional reasoning, and rates.

The Big Ideas for This Unit

  • fractions express relationships --the size or amount of the whole matters
  • fractions may represent division
  • to maintain equivalence , the ratio of the related numbers must be kept constant
  • equivalence is preserved when corresponding equivalent parts are combined
  • to compare, add or subtract fractions a common whole is needed

Family Letter


We have just started our new science unit of Matter, Properties of Matter and Conservation of Matter.

The essential question : What are the properties of Matter?

NGSS Performance Expectation(s)

Next Generation Science Standards

5-PS1-1. Develop a model to describe that matter is made of particles too small to be seen.

5-PS1-2. Measure and graph quantities to provide evidence that regardless of the type of change that occurs when heating, cooling, or mixing substances, the total weight of matter is conserved.

5-PS1-3. Make observations and measurements to identify materials based on their properties

5-PS1-4. Conduct an investigation to determine whether the mixing of two or more substances results in new substances.

School Counselor, Mrs. Edwards

November Makeup Lessons

Personal Safety Lessons Parent Letter

Personal Safety Lessons Spanish Parent Letter

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December Counseling Newsletter (Online Safety)

Virtual or Absent Students

If your student{s} will not be present, they will continue to get the daily lessons and work on the district's Blackboard site or Bb. Student's have used this everyday in the classroom and are familiar with the fifth grade format. Have you child show you the BB9 app on his/her school iPad.

Electronic Assignment Notebook

Whether Face to Face or Virtual each class will continue to use the online assignment notebook. The teachers update the assignment notebook each morning. Just click on the Week of "date" and then scroll to the day you need.

5th Grade Assignment Notebook

Remember the Dates

Upcoming Events

  • Monday, December 14th - Picture Retake Day

  • Monday, December 14th - Noodles & Company Dining Night

  • Thursday, December 17th - Papa Murphy's Dining Night - Sunset Location
  • Wednesday, December 23rd - Friday, January 1st - Holiday Break (Return to School-1/4/21)
  • Wednesday, January 13th - Panera Dining Night

  • Monday, January 18th - No School - Staff Development Day
  • Monday, January 18th - Culver's Dining Night
  • Monday, January 25th - No School - Staff Development Day
  • Thursday, January 28th - Papa Murphy's Dining Night

Stay Safe Everyone!

Darrin, Joelle & Nancy

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