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What is Plagiarism?

Taking someone else's work or words and copying them as your own.

Why do people Plagiarize?

3 Reasons:

1. There are some people who are very intelligent and creative, but struggle with wording things and writing things down. They resort to becoming a ghost writer or plagiarizing someone else's work.

2. Pressure: the pressure of meeting deadlines and time management sometimes causes people to resort of plagiarism.

3. In some cases, a person will plagiarize once and not get caught. This could easily turn into a bad habit and the person will keep stealing work because of their pride.

What can happen to you if you plagiarize?

Why is plagiarism wrong?

It is morally unethical to plagiarize someone else's work. It's not healthy for you and it's unfair to the author.

You wouldn't want someone else to steal your work.