I Want THAT Job


What's a Sociologist?

A Sociologist it is a type of therapist. Socologist study how and why groups or clicks from. How outside events like a issue someone has affect both there socities and the indivisuals act.

Cool Fact 101

You get to see how people in groups and individaully interact with everyday problems . You see how it affects people and there personality's.

Does it help the society?

It helps the society, because it helps childern and see what ativies so they can adapt with a group of friends. It helps childern stay out of trouble by finding attives and programs they can get involved in.

What you need to know... Education!

You need a Bachelor's degree in Sociologist, but you really should get a Masters if you want to be higher payed. To have this job you should have a interest in helping people or just how people act. Know and having interest in peoples cultures and life style.

How should I act?

you should be open minded and have patients. You need patients because you might need to interve someone and they might take a while to answer. you also need to have a understanding face experession when talking. Your tone should be bubbely and nice not mean and harsh.

Annual Salary

If you are educated and wook at a good compeny, you can make up to $73,670! (per year)

Job growth, and Companies...

Faster than Average (14% to 20%)companies that hire you is like a company that works with schools and therapist.