Houk Headlines

January 18- January 29

Important dates:

2/1 January WEB Calendar Due!

2/1 School Spirit Day

2/14 Half Day- Dismissal at 12

2/14 Valentines Day Party- 11 AM

2/15 Presidents Day- No school

Please Note: Please remind your child to record his or her WEB reading minutes, on the January/February WEB calendar, on a daily basis.


The past few weeks, we have been busy learning about animal migration. We spent some time reading and digging apart a text about locust migration. We had such a great time discussing these interesting creatures and learning about the many reasons why animals and insects may migrate to a new location. While reading this nonfiction text, we practiced finding the main idea and key details to help us understand the most important parts of the story.

In addition, this week we completed a "Brochure Scavenger Hunt" and located various nonfiction text features, such as captions, headings, and maps, to help us prepare for our own animal brochure projects.

Finally, we read a text called, Going Home as an introduction to our animal migration research project. The students were ecstatic to select their animals and begin their research.

At last, research is underway! We have been busy the last few days researching our chosen animals and getting ready to draft our animal migration brochures!


The past few weeks, have continued learning all about geometry! We identified faces, bases, and edges on a three dimensional shape, drew lines, line segments, and rays and so much more! We will be ending our geometry unit next week with a unit assessment on Tuesday, February 2nd.

Looking ahead, we will continue to take multiplication timed tests 1-2 times per week to help gain fluency of facts. Please continue to encourage your child to practice his or her facts on a daily basis!

Social Studies

The past few weeks in social studies, we spent time learning about where we are on a map. We learned which hemispheres, continent, country, state, and community we live in and located it all on a map! We also made a fun "Me on a Map" wheel to help up practice locating where we live on earth. Next week, we will continue to look at maps and measure the distance between several different locations.

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