Mahatma Gandhi

Kayla McMath 1st Period

Non-Cooperation Movement

His unique Political ideologies were an extension of his spiritual doctrines. He planned to withdrawal his nation's cooperation after his realization that under British rule they would not be receiving any fair treatment. This movement involved separation from the government thereby marring the administrative set-up of the country. Gandhi's main objective was to assure justice for the Muslims. August of 1920 the Non-Cooperation Movement was installed followed by him returning all his medals and awards he received for participating in the war to the Viceroy.

Key Points

I chose Mahatma Gandhi because he similarly to Thoreau was fighting for a movement he found was especially important to bring to everyone's mind. A quote that stands out to me when I am reading Thoreau's essay " and wooden men can perhaps be manufactured," in his words I feel the point he is trying to get across is that men are like wooden tools that basically have the same routine of dependence on others under the government's confines (Thoreau2). In relation Gandhi is partially inspired to lead this act because of the way people are entranced by the British government. They both have the hopes that the people they are inspired to help will find a sense of self reliance. "All men recognize the right of revolution; that is, the right to refuse allegiance to, and resist to, the government," Thoreau was obviously against the government even though he knew they were there for a sense of assurance and control over society(Thoreau 2). Gandhi was against the government in his own way, while Thoreau rebelled for opinionated reasons Gandhi rebelled for the assurance of safety and equal treatment. Thoreau on page three mentions "All voting is a sort of gaming," he doesn't take the governmental requirements and regulations seriously (Thoreau 3). Though these two Civically active characters have plenty in common Gandhi tried to work more with the government and Congress to show them this unfair "Game" they had been playing.