Andrew Jackson: Hero or Villain?

Chloe Grice Period 4

Young Jackson

When Andrew Jackson was young, some, British soldiers imprisoned him and his brother. While he was imprisoned, he started to drink alcohol a lot and he also started drugs and gambling. He was not leading a very good life at that time, but he started to mature as he grew up and turned himself around into a man that became president.

He is More of a Hero than a Villain to Me

Andrew Jackson in my opinion is more of a hero than a villain. I say this because he did a few things that were not right, but overall did a good job. I think people should praise him for his major contribution to democracy because it made a big impact on our government and gave a chance to people who were always looked down on politically before.

Democracy and Getting the Common People Involved

Jackson did an amazing job with getting the common people involved and not leaving all governmental power to the rich and well educated upper class and making sure the common people are benefited. He did this by promoting democracy. Jackson tried to throw out the national banks saying they didn't benefit the common people and he gave his political supporters, common people, government jobs. He wanted to prove something to the upper class. He wanted to prove they were good enough. I think Jackson did a very good job promoting democracy, but when he forced the Indian Removal onto the Cherokees and other tribes, his democracy took a small, wrong turn, but did fortunately find its way again.