Hayes Elementary Weekly Newsletter

September 2, 2020

A Message from Mrs. Mulcahy

Hello JHE Families. We hope all of you are staying safe and settling into school. Yesterday you received an email explaining our new arrival/ dismissal procedures. Please take time to review this information as we prepare for our In-Person students to return next week. You will also be receiving another email this week with additional information needed for a successful return to school on September 8th.

We encourage all parents to stay updated with the parent emails sent by the district and the Return to School information on the district website. There is important updated information for both KVA and In-Person students in these resources. Here is a link to the district webpage: http://www.katyisd.org/returntoschool/Pages/default.aspx

Please remember to check your email for additional communications this week. Have a great week and remember that Monday, Sept. 7th (Labor Day) is a school holiday.

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Upcoming Dates:

September 7th: Labor Day- No School

September 8th: First Day of In-Person Instruction

September 21st: Elementary KVA Option Form for 2nd 9 Weeks Opens

October 2nd: Elementary KVA Option Form Closes for the 2nd 9 Weeks

Announcement from Your PTA

This Friday, September 4th, your JHE PTA is hosting our “Welcome Back Celebration” Grab and Go! If you are KVA or In-Person, drive through the parking lot from 3:05-4:15 to see our special guests and grab a special goodie bag and drink for students! Just a little way for PTA to say that we are still here for you and welcome back! We will have flyers with information on how to join PTA, order spirit shirts, and masks! We look forward to seeing you!


If a parent/guardian sends in a note/email requesting an Emergency Contact to pick up their student they must also include a copy of their (parent’s) photo ID – details for this can be found on page xii of the Discipline Management Plan and Code of Conduct 2020-2021handbook under Emergency Contacts.

If a student needs to leave campus during the school day, an authorized person must sign the student out. An authorized person needs to have written authorization from the student’s parent/guardian and also the parent/guardian has included a copy of their photo ID – details for this can be found on page 12 of the Discipline Management Plan and Code of Conduct 2020-2021 handbook under Leaving Campus After Arrival.

Emergency Contact: A person specifically designated in EschoolPlus as the primary individual to be contacted by the administration and/or campus nurse if the parent/guardian cannot be reached due to an emergency situation on campus involving the student.

Authorized Person: A secondary individual not listed in EschooPlus that the parent/guardian has authorized to pick up their student via a handwritten note or email and includes a copy of the parent/guardian’s photo ID.

Students will not be released during the school day to a Rideshare service such as but not exclusive to Uber, Lyft, Via, Juno, etc. – this can be found on page 21 of the Discipline Management Plan and Code of Conduct 2020-2021 handbook under Picking Up Students

When students are providing a note from a health care provider regarding the student’s absence from school, it must be turned into the front office upon return to school or within 5 days of the absence. No attendance code modifications will be made to the absence if the health care provider note is received by the Attendance Office after 5 days of the absence – this statement can be found in the Katy ISD Elementary School Student Handbook, the Katy ISD Jr. High School Student Handbook, and the Katy ISD High School Student Handbook

Parent Technology Support

We realize that parents are going to need support with helping their child navigate virtual learning for their child. The district is offering information zoom sessions for parents. This is for KVA parents and In-Person students who will be doing the intermittent remote learning.

Click here to register. Note that the recording will be available as well if you can’t make one of these live sessions.

Water Bottles

When In-Person students return on Sept 8th, we are encouraging all our students to bring spill-proof water bottles clearly labeled with the child’s first and last names. While water fountains will be available for refilling water bottles, children may not drink from them. Please send your child to school each day with a full spill-proof bottle of water.

Challenge Chat

Students in grade 5 are eligible to get screened for Secondary GT services now. To request screening, parents of 5th grade students must return the Secondary Parent Checklist by September 23rd. Screening of 5th grade students will take place October - January for possible service to begin in fall of the 6th grade year. For more information and copies of the Secondary Parent Checklist, visit this website: http://www.katyisd.org/dept/GT/Pages/Elementary%20GT%20Challenge%20Program.aspx Copies of the parent checklist will also be available for pick up from the campus. Please contact our Hayes Challenge teacher, Christina Ramirez, for more information. She can be reached at christinahramirez@katyisd.org or 281-237-6954.

Counselor Corner

We are so excited to see students walk in to JHE next week after such a long time away!

Please refer to the attached “Tips and Tricks for Returning to School” as you prepare your child for next week.

As we return, it will be important for parents and teachers to work as a team to identify students who might be at a higher risk for adjustment difficulties. We hope that most of our students have had time to adjust to the new normal, but we can expect that some students will struggle to adjust as they return to school. Please complete the form below if you have a child who is struggling with the return to school:

COVID-19 Impact on Students - JHE

In order to support KVA students, I will maintain office hours during online instruction. If parents of KVA students need to reach me, I will be available from 11:00-12:00 each day. You may reach me at 281-237-3231, or you may email me at any time at marciagjones@katyisd.org.

September is a new month, which brings a new character trait. Kindness is “the choice to act with words, gifts, or actions to bring appreciation, positivity, and encouragement to ourselves and others”. We have simplified the definition for younger students: The act of being friendly, generous, and thoughtful. We will be providing teachers and parents with resources to reinforce the meaning of kindness. Please see the attached introduction letter from Purposeful People.

Library Lowdown

Hi Hawk Readers! Please notice the change of date for the first “KVA Curbside Pickup”. The first day to pick up library books will be on Friday, September 18. The flyer will show you how to put a hold on the books you wish to check out. I’m so excited about this opportunity to get books into the hands of our readers!

Notes from the Nurse - Clinic Update

Medication: If your child needs medicine while at school, please contact Nurse Terrell (cherylLterrell@katyisd.org) to schedule a drop off time this week. Medication forms can be found here: http://www.katyisd.org/campus/JHE/Pages/Clinic.aspx

Health Screening: Attached is a helpful tool when completing your daily health screening with your child:

P.E. Postings

We’re so excited to have our Hawks back in the gym next week!

Don't forget to check out the attached September 2020 issue of Nutrition Nuggets!


Hello Hayes Families!

Are you short on time and need an easy way to join PTA, order Spirit-Wear, and masks? Follow this link or use the QR code to make purchases online and stay connected. jhepta.membershiptoolkit.com

Our mission this year is to make sure ALL families, KVA and In-Person, feel united and connected! We are in this TOGETHER!

Celebrate your child’s birthday by putting their name in lights on our Marquee! To reserve your special day, go to our website and submit an order form at http://jhepta.membershiptoolkit.com

Coming Soon:

Yearbooks! You will be able to order yearbooks online soon!

While you are waiting, follow the link created for Hayes Elementary to submit photos that you would like considered for the yearbook. https://images.jostens.com/415468592 Fill in your child’s name and any important information in the description. That’s it, you are all done! We look forward to seeing those precious first day and distance learning photos!!

We Need YOU!

Are you interested in a position on the Board? We have positions open for you!

Hospitality Chair~ Organize and host teacher breakfasts and luncheons, provide sweet treats, and plan for more activities all year long.

Mother/Son Game Night~ Organize our annual event for all moms and their JHE boys. This is a great opportunity for games, food, and lots of fun. Moms and sons will take over the gymnasium and hallways for a little competition and quality time together. *Great option for dad’s*

Reflections Chair~ Organize and submit art from JHE students so they can enter into the National program that provides opportunities for recognition and access to the arts which boost student confidence and success in the arts and in life. This is tentatively scheduled for October 2020. This year’s theme is “I Matter Because…”

Carnival Chair~ Organize our annual family carnival. It is one of our most popular events of the year. We have food, fun games, exciting rides and inflatables. There is something for every age!

If you are new to Hayes or an experienced parent looking to have a part in creating a better community for our children then please email, Karensa Murdick at http://ptapresidenthayes@gmail.com

Find more information at jhepta.membershiptoolkit.com and/or using the above QR code.

Have a great week!

JHE PTA 2020-2021

Taylor High School Project Grad 2021!

💙 September 7-9th - Order a Large Make a Pizza🍕 at home kit for $12 from Great Harvest Bread Co and pick it up on September 10-11th. 10% of all proceeds go to THS Project Grad!

💙 September 10th - Join us for a Spirit Night at Main Event from 5-8 pm! 20% of all proceeds go to THS Project Grad!!!

💙 Sally the Mustang wants you to order a flock for that special occasion!

20 Pink Flamingos for only $40 and proceeds benefit THS 2021 Project Grad! Contact Chris - Christina Och at thsflamingos@gmail.com or 713-344-3242.

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