Skyscraper Challenge!

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Your Task:

The city of Millstonia has commissioned your engineering team to build the tallest skyscraper in the world. Use the materials provided and the engineering design process to help you imagine, develop, and create your skyscraper.


  1. Each team has a bag filled with materials that may be used to build their skyscraper. You will receive only one set of materials and are not allowed to share or trade materials with other teams.
  2. The tower must be able to hold the weight of the stuffed animal on top of the tower for thirty (30) seconds.
  3. The skyscraper must be free-standing, meaning no one is allowed to help hold it up and the tower may not be leaning up against any other materials.
  4. Each skyscraper will be measured by the official judge using a measuring tape/stick.
  5. Each skyscraper must hold the stuffed animal at the top for 30 seconds, as measured by the judge/timekeeper.
  6. Each skyscraper must remain standing during the measuring of all the skyscrapers.
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