AIESEC in Malta Newsletter#1

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Content of this Newsletter! :)

Helloo! :) How is everything going? So, some words from the MC! Hope you enjoy it!

  1. Why the Growth Mindset?
  2. Planning Updates
  3. MC Updates!
  4. GIS

What is the key to achieve our goals, our success?

The Power of Belief - Mindset and Success: Eduardo Briceno at TEDxManhattanBeach

Find out the BIG secret about grow! :)

Sometimes we see the obstacles like something static, something that we can't resolve, But, isn't this the greater opportunity to grow? We could impact our own development. Our brain is malleable. We build our abilities.

Let's seek for opportunities to build our skills and to learn from each other! :)

  1. Recognize that we can develop ourselves, that our brain becomes more capable if we work hard on that. How does my brain change? What can I develop?
  2. Learn and teach others how they can develop their abilities. When we learn how to develop our abilities, we will understand that we are in charge of them, and we can build them.
  3. Listen to your Fixed mindset voice, if you hear "I can't do it" change it to "I can´t do it...yet"

The journey of development never ends, we always have things to develop :)

Planning Updates! :)

How we did our planning?

  1. Our Why: Why AIESEC is important? What is the role of youth in Malta as country? Why do you think AIESEC is relevant in Malta? How do we want to see Malta in 10 years? What is moving us to fight for Malta?
  2. Our How: SWOT of the reality as entity, SWOT per area, what do we need to improve? What will be our Legacy? => MC strategics
  3. Our What: Corporate market analysis, student market analysis, project development based on timeline and Individual planning development.

We are finishing all the details this weekend! And we need your feedback!

More questions / suggestions :

oGCDP: Last push for Summer!

As you are aware, we only have 3 weeks left before our peak of realisations ends!

As we have a very tight timeline, no time for reinventing the wheel!

You know that friend that you think that has a profile of a Global Citizen and you really think that he/she just needs a little push to CHANGE?

You know that facegroup you are on, that mailing list you have, the phone numbers you never called, the subscription lists you never typed... That's all the resources we have for now!! Let's use them and give our last PUSH to this peak!
Stay tuned because a new campaign is being released by this week, and we need YOUR help to make it circulate!! Every RAMARE makes all the difference to someone's life. How many lives will you change this summer?

#itstime #makeithappen

Att. your fresher MC VP oGCDP, Lorena ^^ (


This Campaign is the final SUMMER RUSH to make our oGCDP Realizations ready.. So I expect everyone to be involved greatly.

There would be major promotions from today when the CAMPAIGN is LAUNCHED at 6:00pm tillAugust 25th to get subscribers and EPs through the "GLOBAL CITIZEN PAGE" and "AIESEC MALTA PAGE"

First, here is the Link to like the pages in case you haven't: - AIESEC MALTA PAGE - GLOBAL CITIZEN PAGE

Also here are some materials we would be using.. We ask that you change your Display photo and also Cover photo on Facebook to reflect this..


Att. Mike (

Talent Managment

Talent Management is working super hard to plan all the learning opportunities for our members! We need constant feedback from you to make sure that what we do remains relevant and useful. Please take two minutes (literally - it will take two minutes) to fill in the survey below!

Att. Rob :3 (

iGCDP updates!

Summer peak is happening and our trainees are here to prove it!! Over 25 trainees are here super motivated to get to know more people from AIESEC Malta.

Make sure to stay involved with any ongoing events involving the trainees. If you are interested in directly helping out in coordinating events and being part of the Reception & Delivery Team for iGCDP this summer let me know!

Att. Rob :3 (

Business Development

2nd Edition of Youth To Business Forum plans well under way! OCP Applications have closed so keep a close eye on the OC applications which will be opening up soon!

If you are looking for a professional selling experience speak to me! I am looking for 2 individuals to work directly with me for GIP sales! Training and coaching will also provided ;)

Att. Liz :D (


Have you heard that myaiesec is changing and a more friendly, easy and smart system is coming? It's all true! More training is coming during August and after IC!

Do you want to know the Why, How and What of GIS?

What is going to be Launch on August?

Do you want to Know how Test and give feedback?

Login here and start! :)

What is coming???!!!!!

Strategic National Summit for EB and SUP

Saturday, July 26th, 8am to Sunday, July 27th, 6pm

To confirm!

Heyyyyy EB UOM and SUP MCAST!

The moment where the MC gets to launch their strategies and plans to you is coming up!! Make sure get ready for this! :) Let's make history in AIESEC in Malta!

MC 14.15 AIESEC in Malta