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Inspirational Excellence: The Importance of Planning

For this week, reflect on the book summary from the book by Kenneth Williams and Tom Hierck entitled " Starting A Movement." . As we plan for 2021-2022 this literature is amazing as it discusses how to build your culture.

We will provide the final Kimball Cluster's priorities, foci, and expectations next year We will also integrate the SL updated priorites for 2021-2022. Integrate the elements in your CIP for alignment across the curriculum based upon the document that will be provided. You will be provded with the mission statement ideas to vote on. The 4 foci are as follows: Inspirational Excellence, Unstoppable Instruction, The Blueprint of Math, and The Blueprint of Literacy.

Here are some general ideas we are exploring under each foci:

  • Student Agency
  • Student Goal Setting
  • Student Engagement/Student Voice ( Habits of Discussion)
  • Feedback for Learning
  • Exemplars
  • DOL's
  • Use of Digital Resources
  • Gradual Release Model
  • Effective PLC's - Power Meetings
  • Guided Reading
  • Guided Math
  • HB3 Year 2 Implementation- Reading Academy
  • Assessment for Learning
  • Writing Across the Curriculum
  • House Systems
  • Effective Data and Intervention Systems
  • Small Group Implementation
  • Campus- Wide Problem- Solving Strategies
  • Blended Learning

New Resources: Edulastic, Sirius

UPDATE: SL Professional Developement Priorities: Disciplinary Literacy, Mitigating Learning Loss, and Racial Equity.

Starting A Movement:

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Inspiring Quote of the Week

There is a difference between interest and commitment. When you are interested in doing something, you do it only when it is convenient. When you are committed to something, you accept no excuses, only results.

- Kenneth Blanchard

Remediation vs- Acceleration

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Learning in the Fast Lane PDF

You will all receive this book.

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Kimball Cluster STAAR GOAL: 90/65/35

Dr. Kelly Schedule (Calendar Invitations Will Be Provided)

Calendar Invitations and Meeting Information Will Be Provided.

Monday 6/14- Hall Visit- New Principal Check- In, Stemmons Visit, ILC/ED Planning, PEI - Carpenter, AFL Meeting, Reset Supports Meeting, Hall Charette 6:00

Tuesday 6/15- PEI Inputting/ CIP's Due ( cluster deadline)

Wednesday 6/16-CIP roundtable Triads- calendar invitations will be provided, EL Task Force

Thursday 6/17- AP Gifit Deliveries, Cluster Meeting

Friday- 6/18- ED Meeting/ ED Planning

Months At- A- Glance


1- Project LEAD Due (see WAIP)

1-18- CIRCLE Assessment

1-18- TX KEA

4- Sate Mandated Cyber Training Due/ Principal Survey - Parent Advocancy Deadline/ GT Checklist Due ( see WAIP)/ PEI Attendance Information Due (see WAIP)

7- Priority Deadline for Appraisers to Verify SLO Goals

8- TEA Principal Survey Due

11- Intercession - Send Invitations to Families

16- CRC Edits Master Schedule in PowerSchool/ Elementary Grade Data Entry Deadline, Certification Informational Session 5:00 p.m.- 6:00 p.m.- see WAIP for registration

18- CIP's Due to ED's/ Last Day for Administrators To Conduct Spots and Hold Summative Conferences/ Elementary Report Cards Sent Home/ Last Day of School For Students/ Last day for 504

22-July 1st- Summer School

21- AP's last day/ Teacher Prep Day

23- Principal Reviews Master Schedule

24- ED's Final Review of CIP's/ Anthony Muhammad PD 9:30 a.m.- 4:00 p.m.

1-18- MAP

29- District Principals Meeting


2- Last Day for Chapter 21 Staff to Resign

4-8- Summer Break ( District Closed)

12-20th- Medical Enrollment ( see WAIP)

20- Princials Return

26- AP's Return

29- Teachers Return


4, 5, 6- August Intercession Accelerator

9- 1st official day of school for students


21,22,23- 1st Intercession Model

Deadlines and Principal Actions For The Week of 6/14/21

Deadlines:, CIP Due to ED- 6/18 - Cluster Deadline- 6/15, CIP Due to Dr. Kelly 6/15, , Ensure TEI Requirements Are Completed- Spots, Extendeds, Observations, etc., Summer School Prep,

Actions for This Week - Intercession Planning, Finalize TEI Actions, Pre- K Enrollment,CIP reflection w/ teams , Early Learning Testing by 6/18 , Staffing for next year, Master Schedule- Due for CRC's( Finalization), Communicate Summer Learning Plan to Teachers, Ensure all compliance trainings are in - HB3, CQ, etc. for staff, Prep for closing of the year- checklists, Prep for Summer School, Check on SPED compliance- last day for 504's approaching

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Congratulations to Dr. Lakeshia Smith- Bluitt for Receiving Her Doctoral Degree! We are Kimball Proud!

We will celebrate during the Kimball Cluster celebration.
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Summer Meals- Ensure Parents Receive Meal Information

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Congratulations to Our DISD Graduates!

Hall's School Design Charette

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Summer Professional Learning Opportunities

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New Teacher Academy Dates

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Bell Schedule for 2021-2022

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Job Fair Updates

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Student Device Plan

Review the information provided via e-mail. We will further discuss updates.
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Campus Leader PD for 2021-2022

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Assessment Calendar Updates for 2021-2022

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CQ Training Post Assessment Due Monday June 7th, 2021

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Spring Semester- No Early Dismissal for Elementary Students

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Incident Reporting

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Student Computer Usage

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Annual Enrollment 2021-2022 ( July 12- August 20)

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COVID Update and Student Activites

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Master Schedule Updates

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EOY Grade Reporting Information

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PD - Save the Date

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No Appriaisal Documentation

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Summer PD 2021

Ensure planning of your PD and CIP. We will have triads regarding this. Start to plan with your teams. Details will follow. This will also be reviewed at PEI Checkpoint #4
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CIP Information (Check E-Mail for Acess to The Planning Document)

Key Dates:

  • Cluster Deadline: Due to ED- June 15th, 2021
  • Principals: June 18, 2021 - Final CIPs in Plan4Learning for EDs to review
  • EDs: June 24, 2021 - Submit signed ED Checklist to School Leadership and Special Revenue Funds

Block Parties for Webster and Carpenter

Details will be provided

SLO Update

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STEM Opportunity

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Calendar Updates -Start and End Dates

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Updates Regarding Pre- K Materials

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Summer Breeze ( Summer School)

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Updated Early Learning Testing Information

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Pre- K Registration Tips

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Approved Calendars - Base and Intercession 2021-2022

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Resignation Deadline- July 2nd, 2021

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Pre- K Marketing/ Tool- Kit

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Safety and Wellness


Here are announcements from Early Learning.

All EOY testing must be completed this week! Please continue to strive for 100%!

Prekindergarten: This is the admin link that must be completed to have Frogstreet materials picked up. See the list of items here that teachers may keep in their classrooms.

Kindergarten: Kinder furniture has arrived on selected campuses. Office managers should send the packing slips to Eunice Valle at

Texas Reading Academies: Specialists are wrapping up the Reading Academies in Canvas. All participants and their Admin have been notified of any course work or artifacts needed for successful completion. The course will close in Canvas on June 16th if all work is not completed they will not pass.

Specialists will be on campuses this week to deliver completion certificates and lapel pins for each participant.

Gillian Nash |Lead Instructional Specialist

Programs and Partnerships

2909 N Buckner Blvd | Suite 804 |(817) 875-8995

Save the Date for Spring Job Fairs

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The Key Levers

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ILC Corner: Instructional Updates

Prior Work:

Important Resources for 2020-2021

Planning for 2022-2023

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Kudos to Dr. Borrego & The Hall Team for Their Work On Mastering Their PL Defense!

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Central Network Celebrates

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Check Out These Collaborative SItting Areas At Brashear! This is the wave of the future!

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Imagine Math and MIZ

I received this from Principal Escobedo post Mrs. Lindley celebrating the group. We are Kimball proud!

Iwould like to send a SHOUT OUT to Ava Johnson, Mr. Alvarado, and Ms. Abdi for working the HIVE Magic!!! Ava is TOP in the district, the state and the HIVE in Imagine Math, she is also 3rd in the state!! Mr. Alvarado’s classes are TOP of the Leaderboard with over 3300 lesson PASSED and climbing! Ms. Abdi’s class is the FIRST get all 30 lesson passed in Imagine Math!!! Thank you Ms. Chaney, Mrs. Colunga, and Mr. Herrera coming to cheer for Ava and Mr. Alvarado!! So when you see them in the Henderson Hallway, show em some love!!!!

Great job to ALL our MIZ team members!!! KEEP BUZZING at the HIVE,


The Sweetness of Academic Rigor : Check Out These Kinder Students At Henderson And Their Cotton Candy Experiment!


Critical Thinking

Student Exploration

Student Predictions

The Quality of Student Writing

Excelling At Imagine Math At The Hive!

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Tolbert Has Phenomenal Culture!

Principal Smith- Bluitt, students, and staff celebrates dress to impress day. They are also building student agency through 5th grade student interviews. Well done!
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Triad Meeting of the Minds- Collaboration for Final 4th Quarter Quick Wins for Tiered Testing Groups!

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Check Out This Brillant Student At Henderson Sharing About What He Learned In An Afterschool Program About Web Design! Amazing!

Homero is on track for planning his future! A special thanks to Federal Reserve Bank for partnering with Henderson Elementary School. The hive is buzzing with opportunity. Kudos to Principal Escobedo.

Congratulations Prinicpal Sonja Barnes for Being A DISD POY Nominee! We are Kimball and Central Proud!

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PEI Information For The 2020-2021 School Year. Do Not Forget To Complete Your Self Assessment Via Cornerstone Before Your Conference.

PEI Checkpoint #4 This Week- Review your calendars for your scheuduled times- Review the meeting agenda below:

PEI Checkpoint 4 Format:

Principal Review of the Following 20-30 minutes to ED- You may share artifacts in your chosen format as long as topics are covered for this year since data is limited. There is no formal template that I will require.

I. Data Review and 2021-2022 Planning

Preliminary STAAR Data

Climate Survey ( If available)/ Parent Survey Results ( if available)

Master Schedule

TEI Updates- Completion Rates

CNS & CIP ( Where are you now- sharing what you have via Plan4 Learning)

How will you integrate the Cluster Vision/Expectations

PD Plan for 2021- 2011 ( start to reflect on your data and big ideas, we will follow up with specific schedules)

II. Reflection on Checkpoint 4 Guiding Questions

III. ED/Principal Clarifying Questions/ Discussion- 15 minutes

IV. PPR Next Steps and Questions in Preparation for 2021-2022- 15 minutes.

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Upcoming Trainings & Meetings For Principals

Principal Training: Anthony Muhammand: Time for Change

Thursday, June 24th, 2:30-4:30pm


District-Wide Principal's Meeting

Tuesday, June 29th, 9:30-11:30am


Kimball Cluster Meeting

Thursday, June 17th, 2pm


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Kimball Cluster Celebraton

Wednesday, June 23rd, 1-2:30pm


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Trainings This Week For Teachers/Staff:

Inside The Magic of Kimball Kingdom

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Reflect on the Magic for 2020-2021- The 3 Foci of the Kimball Cluster

The Magic of Reading

Unstoppable Instruction

Inspirational Excellence

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Dallas ISD Vision and Mission Statements:

Dallas ISD's Vision: Dallas ISD seeks to be a premier urban school district.

Dallas ISD Mission: Educating all students for success.

School Leadership Mission

We will cultivate leadership that inspires an unwavering commitment to equity and excellence in our schools to ensure all students are career and college strong.

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The Blue Ribbon Network of Inspiring Excellence Leaders

Inspiring Principals:

Jimmie Tyler Brashear- Sonja Barnes

John W. Carpenter- Constance Jawaid

L.O. Donald- Kathryn Carter

Hall Personalized Learning Academy At Oak Cliff- Olga Romero

Margaret B. Henderson- Ida Escobedo

Maria Moreno STEAM Academy- Tammie Deneen Brooks

Leslie Stemmons- Efrain Tovar

Thomas Tolbert- Lakeisha Smith

Daniel Webster- Clement Alexander


Kimberlee Price- Math ILC

Dorothy Williams- Reading/LA ILC

Lisa Phillips- Administrative Assistant

Dr. Dayanna Kelly- Executive Director

Trustee Joyce Foreman, District 6

Trustee Ben Mackey, District 7

Master Principals:

Principal Ida Escobedo- Henderson Elementary (2018 & 2019)

Principal Kathryn Carter- L.O. Donald Elementary ( 2018 & 2019)

Principal Sonja Barnes- Brashear Elementary ( 2018)

Gold Ribbon Schools:

Margaret B. Henderson, L.O. Donald Leadership Academy, W.T. Brashear Elementary School, Maria Moreno Elementary School, Lenore Kirk Hall Elementary School, & Leslie Stemmons Elementary School

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Happy Birthday to ILC Dorothy Williams 6/18/21

1/26- Effrain Tovar

4/16- Principal Olga Romero

5/22- Constance Jawaid

6/7-Principal Lakeisha Smith- Bluitt

6/18/21- ILC Dorothy Williams

7/25 Principal Kathryn Carter

8/13- Principal Ida Escobedo

8/30- Principal Clement Alexander

11/30-Principal Tammie Brooks

12/4- Principal Sonja Barnes

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Inspiring Leaders and Social Media

Twitter Hashtag



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Inspiring Leaders Master Principals 2018-2019

Congratulations DISD Elementary POY 2020-2021 Ida Escobedo!

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Our Fantastic ILC's!

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The "Unstoppable" Kimball Cluster Principals

" Destined for Greatness, Determined For Success!"
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Deputy Chief Roshanda Clayton- Brown

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Administrative Assistant - Lisa Phillips

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