Freedom Writers

by: The Freedom Writers

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Main Characters

Mrs.Gruwell- A highschool teacher who is patient and determined to make her students career better.

Eva Benitez- A gang member who's family is bad and lives a live with violence.


School- Racism, Fights, Gangs

Neighborhood- Shootouts, Blastouts, Gangs, Racism, Fights, Death.


-Toast for change.

-Everybody thinks you should be happy just because you're young. They don't see the wars we fight every single day.

-When you die, do you think it's going to matter if you were a gangster? If you had swag? If you were dressed a certain way? You're dead and you're going to rot. And when you rot, no one is going to remember you. Because all you left behind in this world was something no one care about.


Mr.Gruwell starts teaching at a new high school but doesn't know how the messed up the students life's are. She tries to help her students have a successful career but they don't really care about that because of gangs and fights. One of her students, Eva Benitez has seen