The Cystic Fibrosis disorder

By Shelby Godfrey

Other names for Cystic Fibrosis

.Fibrocystic disease of the pancreas


.Pancreatic Fibrocystic disease

.Pancreatic cystic fibrosis

Cause of Cystic Fibrosis

It is caused by a defect in the CFTR gene. This gene makes a protein that controls the movement of salt and water in and out of your body's cells. In people who have CF, the gene makes a protein that doesn't work well, and it causes thick, sticky mucus and very salty sweat.
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Gene and Chromosome it affects

People with CF inherit a defective gene on chromosome 7, called CTFR.

Prenatal Tests

Even when there is no family history of this disorder, the American College of Obstreticians and Gynecologists (ACOG), recommends that all couples planning a pregnancy or having their first visit or prenatal care be offered a carrier screening test for cystic fibrosis. Testing is now also recommended for all newborns, and all states include a CF test in their newborn screening panel.
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.repeated lung infections

.inability to gain weight

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Population that is affected

This disorder occurs within the white population of the United States. The disorder occurs in 1 in 2,500 to 3,500 white newborns.

How it is inherited

CF is an inherited disease characterized by the build-up of mucus that can damage many of the body's organs.
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Medical Assistance and Treatments/Cures

After a child is diagnosed, a team of professionals will build up a treatment plan based on the child's specific health problems. The child will most likely have ongoing respiratory and digestive therapy, and medicines such as antibiotics.

There is still no cure for this disorder, but the treatments have improved over the years, and there are still people working on a cure/treatment for the disorder, but most people with the disorder have to use breathing machines or inhalers.

The disorder cannot be prevented.

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Can the individual have children in the future?

Yes, people with only one copy of the defective CF gene are called carriers but do not have the disease. Each time two CF carriers have a child, the chances are:

.25%(1 in 4) will have the disorder

.50%(1 in 2) will be a carrier but not have the disorder

.25%(1 in 4) will not have the disorder or be a carrier

What is the current cure for the disorder?

There is no cure for the disorder yet, but there are still doctors working on a way to cure the disorder.
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