Hinesburg Community School - October 21, 2022

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The Principal's Corner

Dear HCS Families:

We know that many of our students look forward to Halloween and choosing their costumes to wear to HCS. It is important to recognize that some costumes perpetuate stereotypes or reinforce limited and/or hurtful ways of thinking about people. We want our community to celebrate in ways that are playful and not harmful or offensive. We are asking all of our families to make considerations about the messages that a Halloween costume can reveal. Here are our recommendations:

Halloween Costume Considerations:

  • Cultural sensitivity: no costumes that in any way make fun of, or misrepresent other cultures or people. Culture is not a costume. (i.e. kimonos, Native American headdresses, hijabs, sombreros, Gypsy and Dia de Los Muertos costumes). Blackface or afros are also not acceptable.

  • We are a K-8 school and we need to be sensitive to all students. Please do not have students wear costumes that might be too scary to other students (save those for Halloween night at home.)

  • Costumes should not interfere with learning. Cumbersome or bulky outfits or outrageous distractions make learning impossible and sometimes limit students' mobility.

  • Masks or face paint should not prevent the staff from recognizing student faces.

  • No props. In the past, students have brought in items that violate school rules (i.e swords, laser guns, bow & arrow). At the very least, they are another thing to keep track of and a distraction.

At HCS we want to encourage individuality and joy while also maintaining a safe and inclusive community for all of our students and families. If you have any questions about our Halloween guidelines please contact us.


Suzan and Tim

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Save The Date

Tuesday, October 25

Picture Retake Day

Wednesday, October 26

1:45 pm, Early Release Day

Thursday, October 27

6:00 pm, Strategic Planning Community Forum, CVU

Wednesday, November 2

1:45 pm, Early Release Day

Friday, November 4

6:00 PiE Family Movie Night, Gym and Flex Space

2nd grade students tally up the votes from the maple syrup taste test, following their STEM class on evaporation.

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8th grade students welcomed kindergarten students with a special flower ceremony; the first flower ceremony we have been able to have since the beginning of Covid. It is wonderful to see the connections made between Kindergarten and Grade 8 students! At the end of 8th grade, the Kindergarten students will give flowers to our graduates.

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Meadow Farms Fundraiser

Our annual Meadow Farms fundraiser is back! Catalogues will be coming home in backpacks very soon. Similar to previous years, all orders will be online only and shipped directly to your home. This is a great opportunity to stock up on high-quality wrapping paper and other great gift items. All orders will be delivered in time for the holidays! The sale will run from October 15th-30th. Thank you so much for your support!!

To register your student:

SCHOOL CODE: 1001319

click here to shop without registering:

6th grade French and Spanish students researched the importance of learning about another language and designed a speech bubble that reflects their learning.

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LGBTQIA+ Flag Raised at Our School

Last year, students at HCS wrote a petition to the CVSD board to raise the LGBTQIA+ flag in our schools, and this week their efforts came to fruition. By raising the LGBTQIA+ flag, the HCS community is telling the students that we see them, we care about them, and we welcome them. All of them.

This is a vital message, as the importance of listening and centering students' voices could save lives. According to the National LGBT Education Center: “Suicide risk in LGBTQ people is thought to be highest during the teen years and early 20s. In 2015, more than 4.5 times as many LGB-identified high school students reported attempting suicide in the past 12 months compared to non-LGB students (29.4% vs 6.4%); 42.8% of LGB youth seriously considered suicide. Youth who are bisexual or questioning their sexual orientation and/or gender identity are even more likely to experience depression or suicidality than their LG-identified peers.”

For those who are concerned that some students are too young to learn about their LGBTQIA+ peers and validate their experiences, it is important to note that students do not come out because they learn about LGBTQIA+ identities and options. They come out because (and when) they have a safe place to express their identity. The idea that this is a phase or that children are too young to learn about gender identity is not upheld by the data. A study of 317 children from the USA and Canada by the Trans Youth Project reports that the average age of transition is 6.5 year old and only 2.6% re-transitioned to the gender at birth after some years. In an NPR interview with transgender writer and veteran Chelsea Manning, she describes her pain before coming out as physically painful, as if there were bee stings all over her body. Many youth do not come out for fear of rejection by their families, others have become homeless and forced to sexwork, and others are at risk of suicide--and still these brave children follow their heart. Using the correct pronouns is a powerful way to validate their identities.

Throughout the history of humanity, LGBTQ+ people have been present, silenced, and persecuted, in particular in Western societies. Many traditional communities around the world recognize more than two genders, giving respectable positions and sometimes healing powers to the people who identify beyond the binary gender classification, for instance the Muxes from Mexico, Native American Two Spirits, the Navajo Nadleehi, Hawaiian Maju, Aravan from India, Femminiello from Italy, Kathoey from Thailand, and more.

If you would like to know more about this issue you can visit your local library or contact the following organizations: The Trevor Project, GLSEN, OutrightVT, It Gets Better. Your knowledge and acceptance may very well save lives.

Here are some family-friendly videos:

Defining LGBTQ terms for Children

How To Teach Your Kids About Gender

Explaining Nonbinary: How to Talk to Kids About Gender

Talking about gender with kids

Gender stereotypes

I am transgender

LGBTQ history

Let’s Get It Right: Using Correct Pronouns and Names: Article

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Let's Talk! is an always-on communication channel and we welcome your feedback at any time. You may remain anonymous or leave your contact information to receive a direct response within 3 business days. Click HERE to start a conversation.

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Lost and Found Items

Our Lost and Found collection is overflowing! Please stop by the school if your child is looking for lost items. We have water bottles, lunch boxes, shoes, lots of shirts and OVER 40 sweatshirts and shirts. Items not claimed by the Thanksgiving Break will be donated to a local organization.

What Do You Envision For CVSD Schools?

Over the course of the next several months, the Champlain Valley School District will be implementing the development/deployment of a strategic planning process. The ongoing process is designed to be sustainable with CVSD's students, parents, staff, and community. We are working with Phil Gore, a representative from the VT School Boards Association. He has been hired by the district, as a consultant, to provide critical support for the development of the strategic planning process.

We want every member of our community to be included as we design CVSD's strategic plan for the next 5 years. You are invited to help identify our shared values and priorities. The upcoming Community Forums and the accompanying survey are the first steps in that direction. We invite you to join us at any of the Strategic Planning Community Forums and you may use this survey link to share your thoughts.

  • October 27, 6:00 pm, Strategic Planning Community Forum, CVU (NEW DATE)

We look forward to hearing from you!

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  • First Call - 488-7777: phone support, crisis intervention, assessment and referrals
  • In Crisis: 1-800-SUICIDE (1-800-784-2433) (National Hopeline Network: USA)
  • National Suicide Prevention Life line- 1-800-273-TALK (8255), call or chat online
  • Crisis Text Line - text HOME to 741741 (24 hours a day, seven days a week)
  • Outright Vermont - support for LGBTQ+ community
  • UVM Breathe In Breath Out - How to deal with stress due to COVID-19
  • Vermont 211 -Vermont database of resources and services
  • Vermont Support Line (833) 888-2557) - peer support line open 247 - 365 for call or text
  • COVID Counselors @ VT-211
  • Teen Crisis Text Line - Crisis Text Line provides free emotional support and information to teens in any type of crisis, including feeling suicidal. You can text with a trained specialist 24 hours a day. Text “HOME” to 741741.
  • Society for the Prevention of Teen Suicide - Website where you can find information to help yourself or a friend who may be having thoughts of suicide.
  • Trevor Lifeline - 1-866- 488-7386 - provides suicide prevention and crisis intervention services to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (LGBTQ) young people. It offers free, 24/7, confidential counseling. TrevorText—text START to 678-678; TrevorChat—instant messaging at It also runs TrevorSpace, an affirming social networking site for LGBTQ youth at TrevorSpace.

About Us

Suzan Locke, HCS Co-Principal, Grades K-4


Tim Trevithick, HCS Co-Principal, Grades 5-8


Alicia Kurth, HCS Special Education Administrator


The Viking Newsletter is published weekly, when school is in session. It is available on our web site and is also delivered via email. If needed, a hard copy can be provided for your child to bring home. The Viking includes upcoming events, after school opportunities, notes of interest for parents and the community and updates from our school administration.