Hero Project

Katie Miller


Thank you so much for going onto my hero website! My hero is my mom. There are four links in my website that give examples of why she inspires me. One of them is an interview with my hero, the others are essays I have made in tribute of my mom. One of them is connecting my untouchable hero (Helen Keller), to my personal hero (my mom).
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My Moms Amazing Characteristics

K - ind

A - dventurous

R - ight

E - nthusiastic

N - urturing

What Is A Hero?

Katie Miller

Second period


“What Is A Hero?”

When I think of the word hero, I picture superman in his blue, yellow and red uniform catching a car before it lands and crushes a woman with her baby. Yet heroism stretches far beyond the traditional marvels character saving the day, a simple act of kindness can make anyone's day. Being a hero doesn't make the world rotate does it? Being a hero is tale, a gift, and a curse. A hero is someone that goes out of their way to help others instead of themselves and/or does a courageous act for the greater good.

A hero is someone that encourages others to take a risk that could impact their lives. I believe my mom fits that description very well. Every since I have had the chance to take a language other than Spanish, my mom has been pushing me to learn and master the world of Mandarin Chinese. My mom started learning this language when she was twenty three years old. Ever since then she has fallen in love with the culture, the language, and the people. After knowing about half a year of characters, she decided to move to Taiwan, and become an English teacher. Living there for two years taught my mom the power of hard work and no matter where you come from, we all have the same needs.

A hero is someone who picks up all of the trash at the beach even though it was not created by them. They do it because they know it will help the environment for others to enjoy. Consider someone taking time out of their day to clean up the enviorment, instead of playing video games. Looking for opportunities to help others in need is good for the entire neighborhood.

Though helping one person may make you a hero, consider doing something huge that has a greater and positive impact on society/multiple citizens instead of just one. A true hero uses their time and ability to improve the lives of others.

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Helen Keller

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How to attempt to make dark chocolate

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