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Middle School

Hello Parents!

My name is Sophia Solano and I am the school counselor for Blessed Trinity. I started in January of last year so I'm still getting to know everyone. I love working at this school and getting to know your children!

My plan for this year is to send a newsletter out at the end of each quarter to discuss different tips and suggestions to help best support your learner. If you ever have any concerns of questions please feel free to contact me. I am here Tuesdays and Thursdays and can be reached via email at or by phone at 904-641-3837 ext 336

Welcome To Middle School

Middle School can be a very challenging time for both you and your child. Not only can mood swings, behavior changes and attitudes greatly impact you it's no picnic for your child either. Middle School is a time of lots of transitions and hopefully some growing independence, however parents still need to be very much in the know and continue to help their students stay on top of things and hold themselves accountable. I tell students all the time I'm more concerned with the habits they develop in these very formative years than I am with them getting straight A's. Below I've listed some links to helpful sites for suggestions on dealing with behaviors as well as information on what you can be doing to start planning for college. Hope you find it helpful!

Website Links

Middle School Parent Blog:
Click here for a great blog written by a school counselor (maybe I'm a little biased ;) filled with tips and suggestions on a range of potential issues your child could face.

College Board:
While college is still a ways away you'd be surprised how much Colleges and Universities will still look at Middle School, especially 8th grade. Many schools and scholarships now require that Algebra 1 is taken in 8th grade in order to be considered for their programs.

*Click here for an article filled with suggestions on what you can be doing even now to help set up your child for success.

*Click here for a quiz you can do with your child that will give you suggestions and advice based on your unique answers.

7 Apps Parents Should Know About

While technology can be amazing it can also be a very dangerous thing in the hands of a child. Students are very savvy when it comes to smart phone usage but can get themselves in over their heads quickly. Below I've listed a few sites that parents should be aware of and monitor. I know it can be difficult because you want to avoid an argument, eye rolls, scoffs or accusations of not trusting them but what I tell parents is - you pay for that phone, it's not a right it's a privilege and if they don't have anything to hide it shouldn't be a problem!

Individual Counseling Request

If you would like for me to meet with your child individually please fill out the form below. This will go directly to only me and I will schedule a time to pull your student from class to review whatever concern you mark. After my visit with your child I will contact you via phone or email.
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