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Final Edition - Summer Break

Mark Your Calendar!

Mark your calendar for these upcoming events at Dorr Elementary!

Aug 23rd: First Day of School - 1/2 day

Sept 7th: First Day of 3 year old Preschool

Sept 8th: First Day of 4 year old and Extended Day Preschool

Principal Connection - A Note From Mrs. Seniura:

Dear Dorr Families,

It is with great melancholy that I write for the final time this school year. We have much to celebrate!

  • We are sending a phenomenal group of third grade students on the next leg of their journey. They have been kind, understanding and persevered. They will be missed.

  • Our students have worked hard and played hard, showing grit and determination.

  • You have helped by supporting us! You helped with school work, completed packets, set your students up for ZOOM meetings, sent masks daily, and cheered our kiddos on! We couldn’t have done it without you.

  • Our staff has gone above and beyond everyday to help students continue to learn and grow both virtually and in person.

I am pleased to announce Dorr Elementary is Highly Effective again this year. This is because students, families and staff have worked together!! Thank you for all you have done to support our students. .

Communication from Dorr will resume in August when we have plans in place for another fantastic school year.

Take Care and have a Restful Summer,

Mrs. Seniura

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Staff Leaving Dorr Elementary

Dorr Elementary prides itself on having a culture of family. This year 3 of our families are moving on in their journey in education, and 1 is retiring. We thank you for your dedication to our families and students and wish you well in the next chapter of your journey! Pictured from left to right:

Tina Rooze, Casey Boutni, Ana Thompson, and Courtney Osborn

Dorr Daily Roar Winners

Congratulations to the following students who have been nominated by their teachers to be recipients of the Dorr Daily Roar. This award is given to students who display the “3 B’s” daily: Be Respectful, Be Responsible, and Be Safe. We are proud to have you as role models for our students! *Not pictured: Joey Hendricks and Cecelia Arszulowicz.

Happy Birthday!

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May/June Student Of The Month Winners

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Perfect Attendance - Whole Year

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Perfect Attendance - Third Trimester

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Near Perfect Attendance - Third Trimester

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Dorr Business Association Citizenship Award

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Each year the Dorr Business Association honors one 3rd grade boy and one 3rd grade girl for their outstanding citizenship throughout their school career at Dorr Elementary. Students are nominated by their teachers for continuously displaying respect for other, responsibility, safety, and compassion. The staff at Dorr Elementary then vote on who they feel has embodied these traits throughout the years. The choice was difficult, because there are so many good citizens at Dorr Elementary. We are proud to introduce our 2 Dorr Business Association Citizenship Award Recipients!

Josie Knoester

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Josie Knoester - Mrs. Licari's 3rd Grade Class

Josie Knoester, daughter of Amanda and Willem Knoester, has always displayed her good character wherever she goes. She inspires her whole class with her positive attitude and generous spirit. She has been a role model for students and teachers alike. Her family could not be more proud of her for sharing all her great qualities with everyone she interacts with not only here at Dorr Elementary, but also in the community. Congratulations Josie!

Frankie Hatch

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Frankie Hatch - Mrs. Brohl's 3rd Grade Class

Frankie Hatch, son of Francie and Patrick Hatch, has amazed Dorr Elementary with his consistent dedication to Dorr Elementary. He leads by example with his integrity, and kindness. The patience he displays when helping students is an inspiration to all. Teachers and peers point out that he has a "heart of gold" Congratulations Frankie!

Thank You Student Council!

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The Student Council was rewarded recently, for a successful year with an ice cream treat. Our Student Council works hard throughout the year planning activities and learning valuable life lessons and leadership skills along the way. Our school is so lucky to have such great minds step up and lead our school. Thank you students! You served your peers and Dorr Elementary well!

3rd Grader Inspires Change

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Student Plants Seed And Gets Results

Zoey Snider noticed there was something missing in the playground area and she decided to do something about it. She told her teacher, Mrs. Brohl, that the garden box that was overrun with weeds needed flowers. The students agreed. Zoey got straight to work, writing a persuasive essay to the Principal. She pointed out the need for flowers and her knowledge of gardening since she has a garden at home. Mrs. Seniura was moved by Zoey's essay being so well written and approved her request. Parents from Mrs. Brohls class donated gardening equipment and flowers and the students got right to work. They weeded the garden and planted beautiful flowers for all to enjoy. They even had a few extra that they were able to plant in the front of the school. When asked what her favorite part of this project was she said " My favorite part was planting white flowers and flowers with the cool leaves. I also think its great that Mrs. Seniura read my essay." Her advice to other students, " First ask your class for their opinion, then just write a really good essay and send it to the Principal. You never know what will happen!"

3rd Grade Shows Off Glowing Math Skills

Mrs. Zondervan's 3rd grade class got to see math in a whole new light with their "Glow Math" activity day. Students participated in a number of math centers under the glow of a black light. It was a fun way to step outside the box while teaching meaningful math skills.

Virtual Field Trip

Learning History With The Help Of Technology

3rd graders got the unique chance to participate in a virtual field trip to Historic Charlton Park. I caught up with 3rd grade students Easton Merren, Kendall Bogert and Savanna Winger from Mrs. Brohl's class to get the inside scoop.

The 3rd graders have been learning about pioneer life for a few weeks now and normally the unit ends with a field trip to Charlton Park. With current COVID restrictions, that seemed impossible. But with the technology of Zoom virtual meetings, students were able to tour the historic park from their desks. Students were taken to a time where there were no electric stoves, only woodstoves recalls Savanna. The students were surprised to learn about how different things were in pioneer days. All three students agreed the weirdest thing that pioneers had in their homes were spittoons. These were pots that the men spit in to so they wouldn't get the floors dirty. Then at night, the children would have to go dump them out. Easton says he is so happy that doesn't happen anymore.

Students also learned about pioneer school life. Kendall and Savanna explained that they had a 1 room school house that had students from 1st grade all the way up to 8th grade. The youngest students sat in the very front and the oldest students were in the back. "The boys were allowed to miss school" Easton added, but not to play video games. They were expected to work on family farms.

The students were all excited to tell me about their hands on activities. Easton, Kendall, and Savanna explained how they made "pioneer animation". They stuck two pictures together and threaded a piece of string in the middle. When they twisted the string, the pictures would spin giving the illusion that the picture was animated.

Although the students would have rather gone to Charlton Park in person, they were grateful for the opportunity. Even if it was virtual. It was a great way to feel like you were there without leaving the classroom. Thank you to Charlton Park and the 3rd Grade teachers for organizing this trip!

Donate Your Child's Outgrown Gym Shoes!

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Extra Help - Pandemic EBT Program

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