child abuse

I hate child abuse

why do the do this to there children?

I hate when I see parents hit there kids. I get mad when I see an teacher or an adult hurting a child. Teachers you can touch a child I see some teachers touching the child in a wrong way. Some get abuse at home beat everyday!! They want to make a new law about that teachers should hit a child back if they try to hurt/kill a teacher. Thank god that law didn't go threw.
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People don't understand what they are going threw.

The cops think that getting hit by the belt is wrong. That's not wrong what is wrong is that the cops aren't doing anything those kids out there who are dying and getting abuse. The cops got to stop arresting people for dumb reasons and get the ones who are killing there own kids!!

Stop child abuse, Speak up!!

Kids got to stop being scared if they are getting abuse tell an adult. If there friends know that there friends are getting abuse they need to stand up for them. I hate when I see kids with bruises on there face or body. this is how bad it is in 2012, 48.5% of abused children were boys while 51.2% of abused children were girls. In 2012 the girls were the ones who were getting abused more.