The beggining of Rock & Roll: Elvis

Curtis Smedley & Maddie Spencer

The beggining of Elvis

  • born in tupelo mississipi
  • He grew up in a poor family
  • he worked in a movie theater in high school to help his family
  • he learned to play guitar at a young age
  • he graduated high school in 1953

Elivs influensues

  • his mom and dad supported him
  • he had a lot of fans
  • Sam Phillips gave him a contract when he heard him play and Elvis was inspired by him
  • he found a guitar one day and kept it and started to play one day and loved it ever since
  • he was interested when he was just a little boy
  • Priscilla Beaulieu his wife
  • he was with sun records

throught his music life

  • The space race was happing against U.S.A and Soviet Union
  • Korean war was going on
  • cold war,1960 after world war 2
  • when people were getting drafted by the army
  • he died at 1977, age 42

Elvis music

  • in 1954 Elvis hired Tom Parker to be his personal manager
  • best musician on television, best selling
  • on Wednesday September 5, 2001 he got accepted in the musician Hall of Fame
  • heartbreak Hotel released in February, 1956 released by RCA
  • Elvis Christmas album , 1957
  • Hound dog July 1956 released by RCA
  • baby lets play house, 1955 released by Sun
  • RCA has issued numerous Elvis recordings since his death
  • Jailhouse rock

interesting facts

  • he learned to play guitar as a young buy
  • He met Priscilla while he was in the army (his wife)
  • he had a daughter name Lisa Marie Presley
  • in 1958 he was drafted in the army
  • he stared a movie called "love me tender"
  • he became a more private man and started to use prescription drugs and gained a lot of weight
  • he was a only child
  • he made a record for his mother for a birthday present