Copyright and much more

By Jade Cheeseman

What you will learn

  • Copyright protects a artist or author from someone else steeling there work
  • Public domain is a place you can get stuff that does not have copyright anymore
  • Copyright last from the time you die and 70 years after death
  • Plagiarism is when you take someone else's work and put your name on it
  • Fair use act means you can use copyrighted materials for educational purposes only
  • Copyright Infringement is when you use copyrighted materials without permission
  • When there is copyright on some thing you CAN NOT use it without permission
  • After 70 years you can use the materials and not give credit
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Picture citation and link to website

Copyright. Digital image. Http:// EPHOTOzine, n.d. Web. 24 Sept. 2014.

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