Monday Minute

October 7, 2019

"Hey, New Teachers, It's OK To Cry In Your Car"

This article from NPR was so popular that it spurred a follow up, "Hey, New Teacher, Don't Quit. It Will Get Better." There is even a name for the time period from late September through early November, DEVOLSON, short for "Dark, Evil Vortex of Late September, October, and November."

Along these lines, veteran teacher Roxanna Elden created, "The New Teacher Disillusionment Power Pack." Anyone can sign up to receive 30 days of uplifting, supportive emails. I tried it out, and it was just as advertised.

Another thing that has been found to be effective: a comprehensive mentoring program. Are there any special things you are doing to support new teachers? Does fall break come at just the right time for everyone? Feel free to share your ideas with us on via our Facebook page or Twitter account.

You also might be interested in this related post by a former National Teacher of the Year, "Rejecting the Myth of the Super Teacher."
Here are the conference handouts we have received so far. You can also access them via the conference schedule, see the list of our exhibitors with their contact information, complete a brief evaluation, and request PGPs all with this link. If you have already requested PGPs, you should receive your certificate tonight.

IMLEA/AMLE Dual Institutional Membership Now Available. Save on Introductory Pricing

IMLEA and AMLE have teamed up to provide a collaborative membership for schools to bring you and your staff valuable tools and resources.

·To view a full list of benefits or to join:

NOTE: If you have already joined either organization, you will only pay the difference and still receive the introductory rate. You can still join either organization, but we feel the dual membership will reap even greater benefits. Questions? Contact Shirley Wright.

Champions Together Trainings

As a reminder, schools may attend Champions Together Trainings at these middle schools:

  • October 23: Lowell Middle School
  • October 29: Brownsburg East Middle School
  • November 12: Rochester Middle School

We have more information on our webpage, and you can access the video shown during our conference here. Nine middle schools participated last year; we would love to double that this year! Any of the previous nine are willing to help you! It is not required that the high school in your district participates already.

Amp Up Student Learning with Choose Your Own Adventure Stories

While this third grade teacher discusses using Choose Your Own Adventure stories with her students, middle school teachers have also had students create their own. The free Google Applied Digital Skills curriculum includes directions for students to make "If-Then Adventure Stories." CYOA stories have enjoyed a resurgence in past years. One publisher, Capstone, even released several nonfiction historical interactive books and fiction stories that proved very popular in my library.

Why Giving Effective Feedback is Trickier Than It Seems: Mindshift

This article from MindShift has several tips for making the feedback you give to students meaningful-- for you, and the students. It includes timing, equity, and focus.

Still Accepting Newsletter Articles!

Twice a year, IMLEA publishes a newsletter that is mailed to members and shared electronically. Copies are also distributed at conferences and other events. We invite you to submit materials and photos for the fall, 2019 edition. Readers especially enjoy seeing articles about classroom practices, strategies, projects, and collaborations. Please send submissions to Susie Highley this week if possible.


Highlights included in the Update file below: Thank You for sharing these Updates with your staff.

· Anti-Bullying – Awareness, Advocacy, and Alternatives Spotlight article- Read about how schools can combat bullying and improve student awareness and resources that have supported their efforts.

· Highlighted Snapshots of Service-learning Stories focused on Peace/Kindness from Fortville Elem, South Ripley Jr. Sr. H.S., John Simatovich Elem., and Concord Community H.S.

· LTG Lessons to help “Build a Caring and Inclusive Classroom”

· LTG Disabilities Awareness and Able-Ness Toolkits

· LTG TeachOne– “Words Bring Peace” and “calming kits” project

· generationOn Website October Theme – Diversity and Inclusion – Projects/Resources

· INSPIRE3 Mini-Grants available for 2019-2020 school year. Click here for requirements

· INSPIRE3 contact information for free on site PD or interest in area workshop

· Visit our INSPIRE3 page on the IASP website here

Wrapping Up

We are now sending the Monday Minute to members only, but invite you to forward it to anyone who might be interested. You can also access it via this link on our webpage, and you can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Many schools in the Indianapolis area are now on fall break, or start this Friday. Whenever your vacation is, have a great, relaxing time!