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Mrs. Caitlin Nicely-- Burris Elementary School Counselor

LifeSkill of the Month: Courage

As a school family this month, we are delving into the value of Courage by examining how it looks, sounds, and feels. We want to help our children be courageous and learn to conquer things that frighten or scare them. Children need reassurance that fear is one of our feelings and to remind them that it’s okay to be scared and to feel afraid.

The definition they are learning this month for Courage is:

To choose what is good, right, and kind even when it is hard or scary!

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About Your Counselor!

Hi Burris Families!! My name is Caitlin Nicely, and I am so excited to be your new school counselor!!! I've been a school counselor for 7 years & have served every single building in the MCS School District, so I have a unique perspective on where ALL children will go throughout their educational journey at MCS! I also worked in a very large school district in Greenville, South Carolina my very first year as a counselor. I am a Mitchell native and MHS grad, IU Bloomington Alum, and attended grad school at Liberty University in VA. I am so thankful I have the opportunity to serve the community I grew up in. My husband, children, and I reside in Lawrence County, and my children attend MCS, too. When I'm not at Burris, I enjoy spending time with family, being outdoors, traveling, cooking, exercising, being crafty, gardening, and doing various home renovation projects! I cannot wait to get to know the families at Burris Elementary. I think I have the best job in the world!! School Counselors "Help Build Better Humans" and I love helping kids become the best versions of themselves!

I want you to know that we will be working hard to ensure that your student is receiving the very best services that we can provide.Please take a look at the services provided by myself - listed below. If you have questions, or if there is something not listed that you are wondering about; please feel free to contact me. E-mail is the easiest way for me to communicate with you quickly. I am happy to answer any questions, set you up with community services and most importantly, provide support for you and your student!

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School Counseling Services

Classroom Guidance

Individual Counseling

Small Group Counseling

Brief Solution-Focused Counseling

Parent Consultations

Community Resource Assistance/Referrals

If you would like for me to meet with your student, please fill out this form:

The First Few Weeks of School...

Your student will be very busy the first few weeks of school. Getting to know new teachers/staff & classmates. In addition - we will all be adjusting to hopefully a *more normal* year & the back-to-school routine!

I am looking forward to helping your students navigate through the school year. Third graders will be entering this building for the first time & that can be a little scary at first-- let's all focus on that Lifeskill "Courage" this month! We can do this together!!

One of the first things your students will be doing is completing what I call a "minute meeting" this is a quick seven question form that just helps me to get to know your student, how they feel about a few things, and what needs they might have with returning to school. This is also a great way for students to voice their opinions about things!

Purposeful Families From Character Strong

Click on the following link to engage as a family to promote the August LifeSkill of Courage - includes: activities, conversation starters, books & research to help educate students at home!

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Virtual Parent Cafe

Join other parents in a fun and judgement free setting & explore ways to strengthen your family. This will be in a virtual platform.

Sponsored by Ireland Home Based Services. Contact Ashley Beeler for dates/times or for any questions that you might have.; (812) 929-0549

You may also contact Mrs. Nicely for additional information.

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