Six Months Later

By Natalie D Richards


Chloe is in detention and drifts off to sleep. She wakes up later to discover that she is by herself in a dark room. Chloe knows something is wrong. She fell asleep a few minutes ago. But when she opens her eyes it's 9:34 pm and its snowing. In the middle of spring! She can't remember anything and doesn't know where she is!


This novel takes place at highschool for most of the book, but Chloe gets to look Adams house and the secrets hidden in it. There is also a final battle between Chloe and the person who is making Chloe lose her memory.

Main Characters

Plot Structure

Exposition- Chloe is a slacker in highschool but she knows it's time to study at the end of her joiner year when colleges are going to start looking at her GPA. Then she falls asleep in detention and wakes up to find out she is completely different with a boyfriend, better grades, and that she missed six months of her life.

Rising Action-Chloe thinks her therapist is to blame for her losing her memory and she wants Adam to help her figure this mystery out but he seems reluctant.

Climax- Finally Adam admits he was part of the big scheme and that he had a part in drugging Chloe. Then Adam and Chloe find Chloe's therapist dead and find out that she is innocent and that the person who killed her is the one drugging Chloe and the group. They are guinne pigs for an expirement that will make the person who thought if it rich.

Falling Action- Chloe realizes that Adam only did what he did to Chloe for the money because his family ended it and that he was really sorry. He helps her defeat Daniel Tanner, the real criminal who expiremented on Chloe.

Resolution- Chloe and Adam get back together and she learns why he has a criminal record and who he really did it for.

Author of this Smore

Ella Bodinus