Mesopotamian Achievements

By Tanyon Wyatt

The 5 themes of Mesopotamia

I'm going to tell you some of the things enchant Mesopotamia


Mesopotamia, as was Egypt, was blessed with yearly flooding from the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. Unlike Egypt, Mesopotamia was inundated with a large amount of silt. So they had water rich soil they helped them grow plants.


At ancient sites in the Near East have board games like playing boards and various objects that were thrown or moved. At the dice were tetrahedrons.


They built buildings like the Pyramids, which are tombs for dead Pharaohs


Budding plumbers worked their ingenuity with the only available resource in unlimited supply-clay mixed with finely chopped straw. Copper was known to some extent from the beginning, while bronze was introduced about 2500 B.C. from outlying trade routes


Like all other calendars, the Babylonian calendar had twelve lunar months about 354 days and a problem to make these fit the solar year about 365 days. In the western calendar, this is solved by cutting the tie between the lunar phase and the calendar month