Wright Brothers

The invention of the airplane


Wilbur Wright was born in 1867, and his brother, Orville Wright was born in 1871. As children, their mother died so they had to be taken care of completely by their sister who was really close to them at that point in their lives. Orville dropped out of high school to open up his own print shop, while his brother, Wilbur graduated but decided not to go to college. Later, for a living, they both began to build and fixed bikes. After hearing about the death of a German man who was experimenting with a glider, they decided that they could build something better. They began working on their airplane. Interestingly, to get ideas on improving their design, they observed birds' wings. Once they finished building the flying machine, they took it for a flight, it lasted 59 seconds. Then, in 1910, the Wright brothers flew again but this time the flight lasted 6 minutes. They sold their plane and became rich. Wilbur Wright sadly died just 2 years later in 1912, while Orville spent the rest of his life in NACA, a government organization for aeronautics, then died in 1948.


Orville Wright is know as the "Father of modern aviation." After he invented the flying machine, he was appointed to the National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics, or NACA, which later started the organization we all know today, NASA. He also sold his air plane to the militarily for $30,000, but they never ended up using it in war.
The story of the Wright Brothers