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How Media and Media Literacy Affect Us

What does it mean to be Media Literate? I feel like to be Media literate, you have a full understanding of technology and how to work with it and use it as a proper resource. If you’re media literate, you are fully aware of the consequences that are possible when posting things online or going to certain sites that may be malicious/false. Media Literate people also know their boundaries. In my opinion most teens/young adults are very capable of being media literate just because we’ve grown up in a world introduced to technology. As far as adults of older age, most would probably be “media illiterate”….not knowing how to use media as a resource for learning or knowing what to do and not what to do when it comes to the media or internet. I definitely think that it’s important to be media literate in this day and age. It is an advantage, plus it’s convenient. Before phones, computers, etc. people used huge books and experiences to find things out, but it obviously took hours of time and effort. Now, if you want to find something out you can literally look it up on your computer or even your mobile phone. Technology makes everything convenient and being Media literate is an addition to taking advantage of your full resources. It just comes down to whether you know what to do or not; Dealing with technology is like having another sense. You have to learn how to adapt to world of technology.

Go Daddy Superbowl Commercial 2014 - Bodybuilders!

Rhetorical Précis: GoDaddy Body Builder Commercial

GoDaddy in the Super Bowl commercial, Body Builder, suggests that the site will increase the advertisement (in this case, the body-builders) on your business (tanning salon). GoDaddy supports their assertion by illustrating a swarm of body-builder’s running to the tanning salon. The first body-builder shown (Danica Patrick), is extremely buff (with artificial muscles) and isn’t actually a bodybuilder, but a Nascar driver. The purpose of the small role of Patrick was to show that the transformation of Patrick is quite similar to the transformation of GoDaddy (hence the body-builders). Godaddy debuts this commercial in a humorous tone for potential/freshly new entrepreneurs.

Satirical News Article

Students excited for extra 30 minutes

Bianca Douglas, Staff Reporter

Fri Mar 14, 2014

GWINNETT COUNTY – Students of the Gwinnett County school system can’t wait to go back to school on Monday. School no longer ends at 2:10, it ends at 2:40 “It couldn’t get any better than this,” says most of the students.

Obviously, 8 hours a day just isn’t enough for the Gwinnett County school system….30 minutes were added to each day after the great “snowpocalypse” because according to Gwinnett, they are a county of nothing, but excellence. It’s not like a state of emergency matters anyways.

“The students are all for it!” says a teacher from Peachtree Ridge HS. It’s so easy for the students to wake up at 5 in the morning and go through a long, but joyous day of school; now, there’s more time to praise school even more. Forget going to work at 3:00 in the evening, the students can get out of school at 2:40 and call out. Everyday. Not to mention, the 30 minutes makes such a difference in the criteria students are able to make up.

Most students wished that Spring break, would’ve been taken away also; half an hour more everyday just is enough! Why would they go to the beach or go on a cruise when they can just soak up the sun on the senior patio? It’s great.

Kinetic Typography

1984 Theme Song

Spies - Coldplay

How does this song fit with the theme of 1984?

The song I chose as the theme song for 1984 would be Spies by Coldplay. The artist(s) of this song actually made this song about 1984 and what goes on in the book; specifically the fact that none of the citizens have any privacy whatsoever and that’s why I chose the song. Certain lyrics such as “And the spies hide out in every corner” really gives me a strong image in my mind of the 1984 theme being that phrase is basically saying that having a sense of paranoia can often make you feel like there are enemies everywhere, lurking in the shadows, and out of reach. We witness this with Winston when he assumes that Julia is the thought police. I think of O’Brien when I hear “I awake to see that no one is free, we’re all fugitives—look at the way we live” because even in the book, he acts like a part of the Brotherhood and as if he is against Big Brother (which he was, but “they” got him a long time ago), so he works as a spy catching corrupt people and making them believe that 2+2 can equal 5. It’s a never ending cycle in the party; no one can fight and win against Big Brother.

Reflecting on Media Literacy

This course definitely made me look at a totally new aspect of media literacy. Media literacy isn't only about being knowledgeable about it, it's more than that. To be media literate you must understand everything that goes on around you that relates to your social-being. My thoughts on media literacy after this class have deepened more than changed to be honest. I've been able to add more to the big picture of media literacy instead of being able to master only the corners. Some things I'll be taking away with me from this class are the important, relatable life lessons that I've learned throughout the semester whether they be government related: "always be respect your self-need for privacy, even if you have 'nothing to hide'," or the more humoristic life lessons from Mrs. Hicks such as "never drink the punch from the trash can." This class differs from all of the other language arts classes I've taken in the past 3 years because it's actually relatable. I retain the literary information while actually being able to empathize or bring up certain times that were similar as to what we were learning. Media literacy is actually interesting unlike my other language arts classes that make us read and analyze a whole bunch of mumbo-jumbo. Another thing is, I enjoyed using schoology in this class because it gave me the flexibility of being able to write a paper comfortably at home while also motivating me to complete it before the set due date and time. Plus, completing the work electronically saved me from having print out a whole bunch of papers all of the time. There are so many things about this class that I like that it's so hard to pin-point the things that I wish could’ve been different. For the future to make this class better, I think that it would be cool to do more window movie maker projects like the world cause organization project we did earlier this semester. I did mine over the American Cancer Society and I honestly had so much fun putting it together. That project was a lot of work, but I didn't even think of all of the effort I put in to making a good presentation because of how interesting and entertaining it was to create it. With those types of projects, students will be more productive and educated over the topic it is done over in my opinion.