Mrs. Schwartz's Class News

A Weekly Story: December 14th- December 18th

This week we learned...

  • Language Arts: This week, students continued to learn the difference between reality and fantasy as we examined different versions of the gingerbread man story. We compared each story's characters, setting, plot, problem, and solution. Students then practiced their story recall as we performed our own versions of the Gingerbread man using puppets!
  • Letters of the Week: Throughout the week, students reviewed and worked with all letters of the alphabet.
  • Math: Students continued to learn how to compose and decompose numbers 4-10. Each day, we practiced finding number pairs to create a larger number! We will be continuing to use manipulatives and number stories to build our critical thinking skills while building numbers.
  • Social Studies: Students took a closer look at holiday traditions this week as we discussed Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kwanzaa.

Our Highlights

Holiday Cookie Party

On Wednesday, December 23rd, CBA will be having a school wide cookie decorating party! Please feel free to come join us, or donate decorations and cookies! Just click the link below to sign up!

Holiday Concert: December 22nd, 6:30 pm

  • Have your child dressed in their Holiday Concert Outfit on Tuesday, December 22nd for our dress rehearsal!
  • Pack them a spare set of dress down clothing to change into after our dress rehearsal.
  • All children must be in their classroom, dressed and ready to go by 6:10 pm on December 22nd for the concert!
  • To ensure that you and your family get great seats, we recommend coming at around 6:00 pm.

Gingerbread Man Experiment

Students asked what would happen to the gingerbread man if he decided to swim across the river instead of being tricked by the fox! Check out our results!
Gingerbread Man Experiment Results

Weekly Reminders

  • Monday, December 21st: All books are due for our classroom holiday book exchange! Please remember: $5 spending limit, gender neutral, wrapped, and labeled with your child's name.
  • Tuesday, December 22nd, 10:30 am: Holiday Concert Dress Rehearsal. Make sure your child is dressed in their Holiday Concert Outfit, and they have a spare set of dress down clothes to change into!
  • Tuesday, December 22nd, 6:30 pm: Holiday Concert! Remember to have your child dressed and in their classroom by 6:10 pm!
  • Wednesday, December 23rd, 10:30 am: Holiday Cookie Decorating Party!
  • Thursday, December 24th - January 4th: NO SCHOOL!