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Colombia is a South American country that is a diverse and rich in history. Colombia is located east of the Pacific Ocean and southwest of the Caribbean Sea. It has many diverse land forms like the Andes mountains or the jungles more inland of the country. Colombia is was bigger in the 1820's, a nation called Gran Colombia which had parts of Panama, Venezuela, and Ecuador. Colombia today is a republic; most people practice the Roman Catholic religion and most of the people are mestizos. Colombia is also dependent on agriculture growing crops like cotton,cocoa, and potatoes. Colombia in all is a diverse country with a rich heritage and history.
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Battle of Boyaca

The battle which Colombia and Venezuela gained its independence from Spain. Battle of Boyaca day is now a public holiday in Colombia.

Saturday, Aug. 7th 1819 at 2pm

Casa de Teja, Bogotá - Bogota, Colombia

Bogota, Bogotá, D.C.

The battle which gave Colombia and Venezuela independence from Spain.

Geographical advantages

Colombia has many geographical advantages, like how it has access to both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans without using the Panama canal. Colombia is also the world's biggest supplier of Emeralds, a valuable mineral that Colombia can trade for money or other goods.
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Colombia's problem

Rebels and drug dealers have been fighting the government for over forty years. The fighting was severely weakened Colombia's economy. The U.S.A has provided funding to Colombia to fight the rebels hiding more inland of the country. Colombia has U.S support because drugs are being illegally shipped to the U.S.A.


Carnival is another unique holiday that Colombia celebrates, Carnival is only celebrated in Latin America. Carnival is a unique festival that lasts five days.


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Colombia's government

Colombia is a republic with three political branches, the judicial, executive ,and legislative. Colombia's president is Juan Manuel Santos.

How is Colombia's drug problem hurting it's economy?

Colombia is hurting It's economy by hurting the market because drug dealers are forcing farmers to grow coca instead of cash crops. It also hurts the peoples' families who are getting killed fighting in the jungle against drug dealers.

Why did New Grenada break apart after it gained independence against Spain?

Parties vying for control of the government rebelled in Venezuela.When dictator Simon Bolivar died, the countries eventually broke apart.

What unique holidays does Colombia and why are those holidays unique?

One unique holiday is Carnival, it is only celebrated in Latin America. Another holiday is Battle of Boyaca Day which is when Colombia and Venezuela gained independence from Spain after the battle. Only Colombians and Venezuelans celebrate this holiday.

What advantages does Colombia have geographically?

One advantage is that Colombia has access to the Pacific and Atlantic oceans without using the panama canal. It also has many emeralds; Colombia is the world's leading producer of emeralds.