Learn About Google Apps!

Google Apps for Education

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For Teachers

Teachers, learn everything you need to know about Google Docs for iPads here! This YouTube style video will walk you through the basics of Google Docs.
Google Docs for iPads

Click this button to watch the video on Google Docs for iPads.

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For Students

Students can watch this YouTube style video to learn how to share Google Docs with other students. Project this for the children to follow along and they'll be sharing documents in under six minutes! Student collaboration has never been so easy!
Sharing with Google

Click this button to watch the video on sharing with Google.

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Hungry for more?

Want to learn more about effective digital instruction? Check out these resources on the Technology Integration Matrix (TIM). TIM can help you to create a vision for what digital instruction looks like in the classroom.
Technology Integration Matrix Website

Click here to go to the TIM website where you'll find the detailed matrix, videos representing instruction at each level, professional development resources, and more!

Technology Integration Matrix (TIM) and TIM Tools Introduction, 2013 ISTE Presentation
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